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Thursday 23 June 2011

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Special days mark the milestones of one’s life, and no day is as magical as the day you propose marriage. The French saying, ‘My whole heart for my whole life’ almost sums up the feelings attached to that beautiful ring that forevermore will adorn the finger of the special woman whom you love. Being the wonderful symbol of eternal love and commitment, finding the ideal ring for your girl should be the goal. If conventional is not her style, consider a classic like a beautiful princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Being admired for its shape, the square or rectangular diamond resembles an inverted pyramid when faced down. Costing a bit less than a round brilliant cut diamond of the same clarity and carat, the princess solitaire also has an advantage of looking bigger in size than its other fancy cut counterparts. The princess cut diamonds are also known as the square modified brilliant cut, and are a favorite among diamond lovers as they exude the same fire, brilliance, luster, and sparkle as the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds.

Most beautiful as a signature diamond in the engagement ring setting, princess cut diamonds also make a fashion statement when set in threes with the center diamond being the largest and the other two being smaller in carat weight. If such a ring catches your fancy, be sure that all the diamonds carry the same clarity and color grade. This will not only magnify the beauty of the diamonds, but also give it an exceptional look and elegance. The most preferred style is the princess cut solitaire ring in yellow or white gold. The simplicity of the design radiates its magnificence, while the diamond emanates the fire of true everlasting love.

Aspects like color, clarity, and carat of a diamond are purely subjective and depend on your preference and budget, but it is advisable to select a diamond based on the type of setting you have in mind. With princess cut, an ideal square diamond should be of a length to width ratio of 1 to 1.05. Since such type of cut hides minor inclusions, you may consider compromising on the clarity grades as long as the color grades are higher on the scale, as the color and cut are prominent factors in the radiance of this stone.

While choosing a setting for your princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring,be sure to have the corners of the diamond covered with a single prong on each point as the corners carry a risk of being chipped off. You could even opt for ‘V’ shaped prongs which are good for protection, but not necessary. Picturing the ring on her hand may help
you decide on the design and look.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Loose Yellow Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds has become somewhat of a trend nowadays, for a number of good reasons like flexibility in settings and jewelry designs, profitability on resale, means of portable wealth and investment, and ideal as gifts. And since we are on the subject of trends, the latest fashion has seen celebrities and elites moving away from the traditional colorless or white diamonds to fancy colored counterparts. From the rarest loose yellow diamonds to pink, brown, purple, blue, orange, green, black, etc, you can get your hands on the color of your choice provided you pay its premium worth.

Traditionally rare to find, these beautiful stones can now be procured online, in just a few mouse clicks. Even though finding a reliable diamond provider may take some research and time, the effort is worth it if you find your stone. The yellow stone has a lot of prestige attached to it, though it is less expensive than a top quality white diamond. This may translate into you being able to buy a bigger yellow diamond at a reasonable rate. If you are looking for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring, the yellow may be ideal to set the bar for its exclusivity.

One of the most famous yellow diamonds is the Golden Eye Diamond, which is said to be the world’s largest flawless Canary Yellow diamond and weighs 43.51 carats. Of course, for an engagement ring on your delicate fingers a carat or two is ideal. Once you know what cut, move onto deciding the color. Most light yellow diamonds are cut into radiant or cushion shapes because it brings out the color more than any other shape, and fall in the color grading scale from ‘D’ to ‘Z’ according to the Gemological Institute of America, also known widely as GIA. It is wise to look for a high color grade as opposed to clarity as color affects the price of yellow diamonds much more than clarity does, for example a fancy yellow diamond with a vs1 clarity is the same price as a vs2 clarity, all else being equal. Carat of a buy however, is better determined by the budget you have in mind. Remembering that beauty lies in simplicity is vital, and with the yellow glory you wish to purchase, just that one stone in a 18kt yellow gold ring can not only bring out the simplicity of the creation, but also highlight the diamond’s color.

Finding a provider that is trustworthy is the most important aspect in buying loose yellow diamonds. Once you have narrowed down your search, look for references and testimonials to ensure professionalism. Since the color tones of yellow diamonds vary to a great extent, ask for guidance before making the buy. Happy shopping!

Friday 3 June 2011

Platinum and Diamond Wedding Rings

Classic wedding rings, matching wedding rings, Celtic wedding rings, solitaire rings,eternity rings, diamond eternity bands, and the list goes on, but out of all the different popular wedding rings the platinum and diamond wedding rings are most liked.Contemporary yet classic, these bands showcase the love and care for years to come in the marriage. Finding the perfect set of wedding rings can be a bit tricky. The choices are plenty, and the stress of going from store to store can be overwhelming, with all the last minute details to take care of, planning, and the dress rehearsals.

In times like these shopping online could be the best option. Both of you could simply browse through the endless collections of wedding bands pictures on the Internet; mail each other a few select images of the rings you like, then shortlist. The great thing about this is that you both can do all the browsing in your free time at work or home or using your smart phones as well. You can pick and choose from endless designs to suit your
personality and individual style. This otherwise stressful task can become a fun activity that you two share in your free time.

Most companies that have a prominence online have comprehensive websites that provide in-depth information about the products they offer, and general information about the type of products. For example, if you want a set of matching platinum and diamond wedding rings, chances are that the sites dedicated to offering such a product will have some information about diamonds, their grades of clarity and color, etc, so that the selecting process for you is simplified.

Doing some research about diamonds and platinum, and top companies that can deliver your rings to you doorstep, can be the wisest thing to do. You may also see some unusual settings that you like. Maybe a five diamond or seven diamond band that looks stylish as well as elegant for everyday wear.

Platinum and diamond wedding rings can be easily chosen online. Most reputed sites are secure for transactions. All you need to do is know your ring type, whether it is a platinum band with just a single diamond, a plain two toned band, or an eternity platinum and diamond ring. Spending some time on deciding the design and style is vital as this ring is going to be the symbol of your eternal love for each other.

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