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Monday 22 April 2013

Fit for Everyday Royalty – The Gorgeous Princess Cut Diamond

Also known as the square modified brilliant cut, princess cut diamonds are among the most popular shapes out there today. Most diamond lovers have a pair of gorgeous shimmering princess cut diamond earrings or a princess cut solitaire pendant just nestled in their jewellery box waiting to be worn time and time again. What makes this kind of cut so alluring and so very, very beloved?

The princess cut was developed in the 1960s and its timeless elegance hasn’t dulled since. When looked at head on a princess cut diamond is normally in a square or rectangular shape. From the sides it looks like an inverted pyramid. It is also similar shaped to that of one half of a octahedron and is usually cut from a stone of that original shape. This usually means that you can get two perfectly halved and similar shaped princess cut diamonds from one octahedron shaped stone, wasting very little of the original diamond as compared to many other cuts. It also makes for a perfectly symmetrical pair of princess cut diamond earrings or two matching stones for a ring setting.

Jewellers love the princess cut because its unique shape makes it easier to place in any kind of setting. This makes these diamonds extremely popular choices for engagement rings and wedding bands, since they can be fit beautifully in almost any design. The only criteria is that a princess cut diamond has to be placed in a four pronged setting, with the prongs placed in its four corners. This kind of setting also helps camouflage any colour variation, natural inclusions and the like that may be visible at the more vulnerable corners. It also protects the beautiful stone from chipping over time.

Princess cut diamonds are also the most brilliant following the round brilliant cut gems. They have a beautiful fire and reflect light in a very eye catching manner. This makes princess cut diamond earrings and engagement rings so very popular, since they draw the eye to exactly where you want them to, all the while giving out a beautiful radiance. They also definitely reflect more light than other square diamond cuts like the Asscher and emerald cut stones.

When purchasing princess cut diamond earrings or any other jewellery for that matter, the same cornerstone principles of diamond shopping should come into play , namely the 4Cs – carat, cut, clarity and colour. Your carat weight of course depends on the size of the stone you desire and the budget you have. This cut of kind looks beautiful in coloured diamonds as well, but colourless white princess cut jewellery is definitely one of the more popular choices. Of course among the colourless gems you will find different colour and clarity grades from the pristine flawless stones to those that have natural inclusions and a slight colour. One of the best parts of the princess cut diamond is that it is very forgiving of naturally occurring 'flaws' compared to some other cuts, especially when viewed with just the naked eye.

Whether it is a pair of princess cut diamond earrings, a necklace or a gorgeous ring you are lusting for, make sure you purchase a certified gemstone. Fit for a princess indeed!

Friday 5 April 2013

A Beautiful Choice for the Classic Bride - Asscher Diamond Engagement Rings

A woman never forgets her engagement ring. A symbol of the promise of ever lasting love, commitment and loyalty, it is one of the most precious pieces of jewellery she will ever own. People grow up dreaming of the perfect wedding. The beautiful dress, a lovely venue, the person of your dreams and a gleaming ring on your finger proclaiming your betrothed status to the world.

You have your classic brides who love the tradition, the timeless elegant wedding and a look to match including the outfit, the jewellery and the aesthetic for the day. The love for vintage has bloomed all over the world and everything from movies to events to  yes, weddings have been touched by the hand of vintage nostalgia. The old world glamour and charm of vintage jewellery cannot be denied and it is a perfect fit for that classic bride who wants the tradition, the romance and the beauty that sometimes only the not so new can provide. When it comes to diamond rings for the vintage and classic style inclined woman an ideal choice are asscher diamonds, engagement rings with a precious gem cut in this style are a sight to behold.

The asscher cut diamond was the brainchild of the Asscher brothers from Holland and was first produced in the year 1902. They were renowned at the time for cutting the stunning Cullinan diamond, which was the biggest rough stone in the world at over 3000 carats. Becoming extremely popular in the 1920s, the asscher cut diamond had a re-emergence in the early 2000s. This beautiful cut is often seen in antique and vintage stores carrying fine jewellery. Its old world appeal has made it immensely popular today. It adds that special sparkle of antique glamour that few other cuts of diamonds provide as eloquently.  It is no wonder then that asscher diamond engagement rings are seen gracing the hands of stars and celebrities both in real and reel life.

The asscher diamond, similar to the emerald cut with its squarish shape and cropped corners. These corners also tend to make the diamond look a little octogonal in shape. You will find slightly rectangular varieties as well, although a square is the more traditional asscher design. With a higher crown and larger facets, asscher diamonds have a beautiful brilliance entirely their own. They make for a dramatic choice when an usual emerald cut, does not seem unique enough!

With a touch of the old and modifications today of the new, asshcer diamonds pop beautifully on bands since they are placed elevated and still maintain their squarish shape on the setting. They make for eye catching solitaire rings and also look beautiful when set with other precious stones like rubies and sapphires. The vintage look of such a gem makes it ideal also for a more vintage style band with a little bit of work on it. Whatever you choose, it definitely stands out!

When purchasing an asscher diamond ring, check for the length to width ratio of the stone. Also as always with diamonds consider the 4 C's – cut, carar, clarity and colour.

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