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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Diamonds in New York

If you are planning to visit New York anytime before Christmas, be sure to take a look around its Diamond District. Located in New York City on West 47th Street linking Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, it is the ideal place for all your special gifts shopping. This is the one of the primary centers of the global diamond industry, making it the ‘it’ place for buying loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. It is believed that over 90 percent of diamonds that enter the country go through the Diamond District to other dealers and retailers all over the country. This translates into loose diamonds being cheapest as compared to any reputable retail jewelry store, and the consumer getting the widest choice. This being said, if you want to buy diamonds in New York there may be a few things to keep in mind before jumping into a cab to get there.

You should be prepared to spend a lot of time in the area. If you just have an hour or two to spare and expect to get a priceless diamond, it won’t happen, unless you have already chosen a trustworthy diamond trader to deal with. Those who do not do their homework, simply have to rely on their luck and patience to find the desired diamond at the right price. The ‘homework’ refers to finding a reputable diamonds trading company that ensures high quality diamonds at an affordable price. If you have no idea or references, simply search for official websites online and shortlist a few. There are many diamonds traders in NYC that even have diamond connoisseurs to educate and advice customers. These are the companies you should consider.

Another bit to do is, know the basics of diamonds and diamond buying. Once you know about the 4 Cs and what makes a diamond beautiful and valuable, the rest is just a numbers game. All you need to do is have a rough budget in mind, decide the cut and other specifications of the diamond you are interested in buying, and then alone start the hunt. Many buyers make the mistake of settling for the first stone that fulfills their requirements. Instead of this, it may be wise to look at a few that you like and then compare them to end up with the best diamond. Be sure to compare prices and not refrain from asking any question that may pass through your mind. For example, ask why a particular diamond is costing more than another with similar grading and certification.

Rest assured that if you do the research beforehand, you will end up with the best diamonds in New York, for a price that is lesser than anywhere else in the country.

Monday 17 December 2012

Why buy diamonds from loose diamonds specialists


The uncertain fiscal environments that have come and gone in the past four decades have made it imperative for people to think twice before making any type of investment. In this scenario, the one item that has stood the test of time in every way has been diamonds. Diamond jewelry items, as investment have been popular for a number of reasons including their beauty and timelessness, but the most important aspect for more and more people investing in these precious jewels is that they have not only never decreased in value but consistently risen in price, maintaining an average appreciation of about 15 to 20 percent per year. This is more than one can say about any other investment sector in the world. But we are talking about rare diamonds here, which are of high quality, and mostly bought through loose diamonds specialists from the world over.

In these times of inflation, buying a diamond or any diamond jewelry is an important purchase. Even if you do not intend to look at your buy as an investment, it is vital to get good value for your hard earned money. This is why most avid diamond buyers and collectors prefer procuring such precious jewels from reputable loose diamonds specialists and traders. You can find these specialist companies and firms by searching for them online or asking around in your social circles. It is crucial to zero in on a well-known and respected dealer as this ensures that the diamonds in question are high in quality and sourced legally from morally ethical mines. Another advantage is that the diamonds carry all the required grading certification from a recognized authority such as GIA.  

Many buyers may feel that it is best to procure the diamond jewelry from a highly regarded retail jewelry store, but this is far from being a fact. The major drawback of purchasing diamond jewelry from a retailer is that you don’t usually have a say in the quality and grades of the diamonds used. Also, you do not have a lot of choice in respect to the shape, cut, color, clarity grade, and carat of the stones. On the other hand, in case of buyers who go to a diamond specialist for their jewels, the choices are limitless. They can specify each and every aspect of the diamond, starting from the 4 Cs to their decided budget, and get exactly what they desire. These buyers can then move on to designing the jewelry they want including deciding the type of diamond settings they wish to have for the jewelry piece.

There are many loose diamonds specialists that not only deal in diamonds, but also offer services to create the diamond jewelry pieces you need.

Thursday 15 November 2012

A Few Guidelines On Purchasing Diamonds In New York

Over the course of time, people have gifted many types of jewellery to their loved ones. These include jewellery made of silver, gold, platinum and even precious stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. No matter what kind of gift you get, nothing quite expresses love like a diamond. Diamonds have long known to be a girl’s or a woman’s best friend. They have also long been associated with romantic affairs, proposals, engagements and weddings all over the globe. Here, we shall discuss a few basic guidelines on how to buy diamonds in New York.

It is known that over 90% of diamonds that enter the United States of America go through New York City. Hence, the city is known to have some of the best diamonds in the country, and some of the most experienced dealers too. Whenever one thinks of fashion and style, New York is one city that is bound to pass their minds. The dealers here offer some of the most exquisite designs for the most affordable rates. They are known to do justice to the beauty and magnificence of diamonds by intricately cutting and designing the best diamond jewellery in New York. This is why we get some of the world’s best diamonds in New York.

Well first and foremost, make sure you do your homework before you go diamond shopping in New York. Surf the internet for the different types of diamonds available and their costs. Also, look for the most reputed brands and outlets so that you get the best quality for the best price. Lastly, don’t forget to look for festive deals which are usually shown on the internet or in magazines around festive seasons. Once you scour the internet for the best information and deals, you are all set to buy diamonds in New York. Secondly, don’t be afraid to haggle. A little bargaining goes a long way when it comes to purchasing diamonds. You can save a substantial amount of money with a little bargaining.

Always remember to buy from the most reputed jewellers. Paying a little more and buying from a reliable source is better than trying to save a few bucks and getting cheated in the process. It always pays to take a knowledgeable friend along who knows a little about diamonds. This ensures that the shopkeepers don’t overcharge you for anything. Following these simple guidelines can make the process of purchasing diamonds in New York much simpler for anyone who wants to go diamond shopping. Once you learn the basics of diamond shopping, you are all set to go out there and buy various types of diamond jewellery such as diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond rings, diamond earrings and so on.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Rare Diamonds in New York: The Lowdown

We all know that when it comes to the Big Apple, individuality and self-expression is everything. This is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world so standing out in the crowd actually means making an effort to do so by showing off who you are on the inside and making it shine on the outside. What better way to shine than by wearing some extremely rare diamonds New York? Now, before you reel backwards and shake your head at the cost of actually owning a rare diamond, you must first know why you should even consider this and why this investment will be worth it at the end of the day

Diamonds are eternal, elegant, a symbol of striving under high stress, a symbol of true beauty being multi-faceted, a wonderful present to gift yourself as a reward or a loved one to show how important they are to you and, let’s face it, they’re pretty. Having a lovely diamond either on your necklace or as a piece on your ring or as a pair of sparkling earrings is one of the most exquisite ways to express who you are. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the rich and members of high society who purchase and wear diamonds, but it is also a means of expression in street culture. Don’t believe me? Then name one rap artist who does not wear a diamond solitaire? Exactly! 

Out of all the rare diamonds in New York, the pink diamond is the rarest and by far, the prettiest. Pink diamonds are also the most valuable kinds of diamonds simply because they are so rare in nature.  The Argyle mines are famous for mining pink diamonds however, only a small percentage of these diamonds is actually a deep shade of pink. The rest are usually lighter shades of pink or white with hints of pink in them.  Champagne diamonds are also quite rare and extremely stunning. The colors vary between being a shade of rich straw to the shade of rich cognac. For a woman you love, the ideal diamond to gift her would be the pink champagne diamond as the combination of the two hues creates a diamond so exquisite and so breath taking that it can make the ideal present for the one you love.  Other rare diamonds in New York include the blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, white diamonds, green diamonds and diamond stimulants. 

Before you buy any of these rare diamonds in New York, make sure that you conduct enough research to know where the diamond is pure and worth the money you’re paying for it. 

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Top 5 diamond bands in New York

If you ask any girl what her most prized piece of jewelry is, the answer at least 90 out of a 100 times is an engagement ring or wedding ring. And what is a prerequisite for an engagement ring or wedding ring design? Well, diamonds of course. No piece of jewelry can compare to the beauty of a diamond ring. Whether it is a simple solitaire diamond ring, an eternity band with a multitude of small but brilliant diamonds, or exclusive 5 diamond bands in New York, if it wasn’t for the diamonds the rings would simply not look as good. Today, most of us own a diamond solitaire pendant, solitaire ring or pair of earrings. So, what should be your next diamond buy? Well, your collection won’t be complete without a 5 diamond band.

5 diamonds bands are gaining due popularity these days as anniversary gifts, and they are apt for any kind of celebration from your mother’s birthday to your daughter’s graduation. If you are looking for some reasons to convince you to buy a ring in a 5 diamond band design, read on.

Let’s think back to why women like rings more than other pieces of jewelry. The first reason is that rings are worn on the fingers and can constantly be seen by the wearer. This cannot be true of other jewelry items such as earrings and pendants. There is a simple but great pleasure in admiring something beautiful and valuable you wear. Plus, the diamonds always add beauty to the hand and make it look more attractive. Another reason is that rings are easy to show off. Since women move their hands quite a bit when having a conversation, these small brilliant beauties are easy to flaunt. Also, diamond earrings or elaborate necklaces or pendants are not generally worn everyday, while a diamond ring can be a part of her daily wear. This is also one of the biggest advantages. Wouldn’t you just love it if your mother, wife or daughter wore the diamond ring each day and was reminded of you each time she glanced at it?

Once you have made up your mind about buying this design, be prepared for the overwhelming choices in front of you. Remember that the diamond shape plays a very major role in the way the ring will look, so choose wisely. The other factor that affects the look of the design is the type of setting. Do your research and see your choices before making up your mind.

If you are buying 5 diamond bands in New York¸ make sure you source from a celebrated diamond trader that can provide you with adequate certification for the jewels. Also ensure that you buy good quality diamonds and choose superior grades in terms of clarity, cut, and color, as these factors affect the overall beauty and brilliance of the stones.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Rare diamonds in New York

If you are a style addict, one of the most important priorities for you must be to follow current trends in clothes as well as jewelry fashion. As far as jewelry is concerned, these days it is all about colored rare diamonds in New York, whether we are talking about an A list red carpet event or a charity fund raiser. While you may have colorless diamond jewelry by every known designer in town, you are not going to make news unless you have at least one signature colored diamond piece in your trinket box.

With colored diamonds available in a huge array of colors such as orange, brown, yellow, pink, black, red, blue, green, champagne, grey, purple, and many more, you can bet to find the color you absolutely love. Just as white diamonds, colored diamonds come in a huge variety of shapes and cuts to enhance the beauty and appeal of every jewelry piece. You can find colored diamonds at retail jewelry stores or with online diamond traders, but to find ones that will be talked about and one of a kind, you will have to put in some time to find the ideal diamonds traders to buy the jewels from.

Many a times, you already have a favorite diamond jewelry piece, and all you want changed are the diamonds, from colorless to colored. In such cases it is best to find diamond traders or wholesalers that offer loose diamonds for sale. Rest assured that many do. In fact, you may also find some select diamond trading companies that take on the responsibility of changing the diamonds for you or making the exact piece with colored diamonds. All you need is to find a dependable and trustworthy company in town. Go with a name that is reputable and is known for its service in your societal circle.

Nowadays, style is all about being different from the run of the mill. Jewelry designs and diamonds are no exception. The rarer the color, the more exclusive and valuable is the diamond. There are many celebrities that even choose to set the diamond in its unpolished form. These naturally beautiful stones are head-turners as pendants and even signature rings. While such styles are apt for the young and edgy fusionistas, the ones who want their jewelry to exude elegance go for conventional cuts and shapes but opt for larger carat weights. However, if your focus is to get your hands on some rare diamonds in New York regardless of color, think of a budget before you start looking around. The city has more than a few good diamond traders offering fine diamonds, and with things that possess such hypnotizing beauty it is almost natural to go a little overboard.

Friday 21 September 2012

Stylish Conflict Free Diamonds Bands in New York

Diamond bands have always been in style. They are most popular as part of the wedding jewelry or as birthday and anniversary gifts. The three all time favorite designs in diamond bands are the 5 diamond band, the diamond eternity band, and the seven diamond band. The diamond eternity band has become a symbol of a promise of eternal love between couples. This may be the reason why you rarely see spinsters wearing this style. While the seven diamond bands look more or less like the eternity designs as they cover more than half the finger’s circumference with diamonds, they are most beautiful when set with tiny diamonds rather than ones with substantial carat weight. For the fashion savvy women however the best buy may be the conflict free diamonds bands in New York.

5 diamond bands may be an ideal piece of jewelry for any woman, regardless of her age. If you are a father looking for the perfect gift for your daughter’s 18th birthday or graduation, look no further. All you will need to keep in mind is the fact that she is young and hip, and find a design that will suit her age and personal style best. A good option to consider is one with princess cut diamonds. The princess cut is trendy and look extremely chic. Plus, what more can say ‘she’s your little princess’ than a stone that’s named after her. 5 diamond bands can vary in looks depending on their setting, so this is what you will need to pay close attention to. Just compare a princess cut 5 diamond band in a pave setting with one that has a shared prong setting or a channel setting, and you will know.

A 5 diamonds band may be a great gift for your wife on your 5th year anniversary. Diamonds have always won over a woman’s affections. There can be no better gift than this symbol of love. For your wife you may want to select the diamond shape and setting as per her personal style. For example, if your wife is inclined towards unusual styles, you may be right to consider pear shaped or teardrop cut diamonds in a shared prong setting or a bezel setting. Unique and elegant this ring looks beautiful with just a hint of edge to it. Also, be sure to choose the metal of her choice. For instance, if your wife tends to wear white gold jewelry, make sure that the ring is set in white gold.

There are a large number of conflict free diamonds bands sold in New York on mother’s day too, especially with the round brilliant cut diamonds set in a prong setting that makes the diamonds appear larger than their carat weight and give the ring a timeless look.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Stylish 5 Diamond Bands in New York

Diamond bands have always been in style. They are most popular as part of the wedding jewelry or as birthday and anniversary gifts. The three all time favorite designs in diamond bands are the 5 diamond band, the diamond eternity band, and the seven diamond band. The diamond eternity band has become a symbol of a promise of eternal love between couples. This may be the reason why you rarely see spinsters wearing this style. While the seven diamond bands look more or less like the eternity designs as they cover more than half the finger’s circumference with diamonds, they are most beautiful when set with tiny diamonds rather than ones with substantial carat weight. For the fashion savvy women however the best buy may be the 5 diamond bands in New York.

5 diamond bands may be an ideal piece of jewelry for any woman, regardless of her age. If you are a father looking for the perfect gift for your daughter’s 18th birthday or graduation, look no further. All you will need to keep in mind is the fact that she is young and hip, and find a design that will suit her age and personal style best. A good option to consider is one with princess cut diamonds. The princess cut is trendy and look extremely chic. Plus, what more can say ‘she’s your little princess’ than a stone that’s named after her. 5 diamond bands can vary in looks depending on their setting, so this is what you will need to pay close attention to. Just compare a princess cut 5 diamond band in a pave setting with one that has a shared prong setting or a channel setting, and you will know.

A 5 diamonds band may be a great gift for your wife on your 5th year anniversary. Diamonds have always won over a woman’s affections. There can be no better gift than this symbol of love. For your wife you may want to select the diamond shape and setting as per her personal style. For example, if your wife is inclined towards unusual styles, you may be right to consider pear shaped or teardrop cut diamonds in a shared prong setting or a bezel setting. Unique and elegant this ring looks beautiful with just a hint of edge to it. Also, be sure to choose the metal of her choice. For instance, if your wife tends to wear white gold jewelry, make sure that the ring is set in white gold.

There are a large number of 5 diamond bands sold in New York on mother’s day too, especially with the round brilliant cut diamonds set in a prong setting that makes the diamonds appear larger than their carat weight and give the ring a timeless look.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Loose Diamonds Experts

It is said that diamonds make for perfect gifts, but recently these brilliant beauties are looked at as good investments as well. Portable wealth is the need of today’s age, and loose diamonds fit the bill. Even though, some research is needed before you set out to purchase one of these, loose diamond experts assure their quality and appreciation for years to come.

Novelty is what every person is looking for in gifts as well as investment. Loose diamonds are ideal in such cases, as it means that the diamond has never been set in any jewelry, and can be used in a customized piece of jewelry of your liking. Nothing is as special as designing your own diamond engagement ring, starting right from the diamond cut to the end product. This may sound tricky, but with a number of loose diamond specialists online, this is as easy as can be.

There are just two crucial aspects you need to be careful about while purchasing such diamonds. Firstly, you need to make sure that the seller in question is well-reputed, and has good qualifications. And secondly, be ensured that the diamond carries a certificate from a reputable gemology organization stating its cut, color grade, clarity grade, and carat. While, the first factor assures you of a high quality product, the second will determine its appreciation.

Online retail stores give you a range of options to choose from. If you are interested in only procuring the diamond, this can be done too. All you need to decide is the exact cut you prefer, the color grade you want, the clarity grade you desire, and the carat weight according to your budget. When it comes to cuts, the round brilliant is the most traditional, but you can select a square princess cut, an oval shape, or even a heart shaped diamond that would be ideal to gift your special someone. The choice in color of any stone is subjective, but it is wise to know that when it comes to clarity, some cuts may need higher clarity grades than others.

Loose diamonds experts suggest high clarity and color grades, no matter which cut and carat weight you select. Not only does the color and clarity showcase the beauty, luster, and brilliance of the diamond, but also guarantees a higher value in case you wish to sell the stone at a later date.

Friday 7 September 2012

5 Diamond Bands in New York

Any kind of diamond jewelry can make for the perfect gift for someone you love. There was a time when many men would shy away from buying their special lady a diamond ring, unless they intended to propose marriage. This is no longer the case today. While gifting any woman a solitaire diamond ring without a marriage proposal may be inappropriate, many men shower their significant ladies with seven diamond bands, eternity diamond rings or 5 diamond bands New York and other metropolitan cities of the United States. These rings profess love but do not make the ultimate commitment of marriage. This being said 5 and 7 diamond rings are popular as wedding bands, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, and birthday presents as well.

In places like New York, which are known for their diamonds traders and diamond jewelry shops, shopping for such rings can be a bit of a challenge. You are sure to be spoilt for choice and overwhelmed with the range readily available in the market. In many cases you may also find that even though the rings are identical in looks, they may greatly vary in price. This is because the value of diamonds primarily depends on the grades of 4 Cs it possesses. This means that the price of the stone and its value is determined according to the superiority of its Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight. And since in most cases the diamonds’ aspects such as color, clarity and cut can only be realized after careful examination under a microscope, many low quality diamonds of less value can be obtained at lower prices.

While you may be tempted to go in for a diamond ring that has lower grades in terms of the 4 Cs, beware that even if the diamond is considered real, lower grades do affect the diamond’s overall beauty. For example, a diamond ring that is certified a VVS clarity grade cannot compare to a FL or IF diamond in any way. Hence it is most wise to find a balance between your budget and 4 Cs that you desire in the diamond ring. If you have your heart set on 5 or 7 diamond bands, you can either visit the retail jewelry stores in the city or check out some diamond traders’ websites on the Internet.

It is fairly easy to find different designs and styles of 5 diamond bands in New York. All you have to do beforehand is decide on a budget range so that you do not end up spending more than you can afford, find a reliable and reputable company that is known for selling quality products, and know the ring size you wish to buy.

Monday 20 August 2012

Shop for Eternity Bands in New York

New York City, located in the United States of America, is known for a number of things. These things include gourmet restaurants, street performers, real estate, job opportunities and what not. However, ‘The Big Apple’ is also known for its high flying lifestyle. Known to be one of the most expensive cities in the USA, New York has a lifestyle standard that is rivalled by a few others. The average New Yorker is known to wear designer clothes, dine at gourmet restaurants and buy the best jewelry. The types of jewelry worn by New Yorkers include products like rings, bands, ear rings, and chains. However, the outlets that sell these products are also known for their very own special products. Eternity rings and eternity bands in New York are a few special products which are custom made according to the taste of the buyer.

Eternity bands in New York are considered as designer jewelry and are an ideal purchase if you’re buying it as a gift for your special someone. Your partner will definitely be stunned by the intricate beauty of your gift. Eternity bands have an elegant and graceful charm about them which remains unparalleled. They are extravagant and unique in their design and the diamonds add an extra touch of royalty to them. A number of stores sell these eternity bands New York. If hopping shops is not your style, then you can also buy these eternity bands online. A large number of reliable online sites are available these days and you just have to search and click in order to buy the product. Apart from being unique, another factor that makes eternity bands so special is that they are emotional benchmarks in the lives of many people. People normally receive such gifts on special occasions. Such occasions are remembered for a very long time and so are the gifts which are received on that day.

The best eternity bands in New York are a perfect mesh of classic authenticity and modern trend. You can select an eternity band from an array of different designs or choose to design it yourself. You can also go for a readymade band and then add a designer touch to it. No matter what you buy, always make sure that you go through a few designs before you make your decision. Also, make sure that you check the quality and purity of the band before buying. They are a must buy for everyone who like jewelry and are an excellent addition to jewelry collections. Eternity bands are, and always will remain, the epitome of charm and appeal. 

So buy one today and make your special someone feel even more special.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

If your special woman is always flipping through ‘People’ magazine or ‘Vogue’, if you haven’t seen her repeat a dress for even your most casual dates, and if she seems to know every little personal detail about your favorite celebrity, it may be safe to say that you can’t settle for a conventional round brilliant diamond engagement ring for her, no matter how trendy the design. Consider something unique and usual. Today most celebrities and fashionistas are seen flaunting Emerald Cut diamonds and pear shaped diamond jewelry. Maybe the best bet would be to buy a pear shaped diamond ring. Pear shaped diamonds are gorgeous and have an elegant charm about them that is unparalleled. To get a clearer picture of what you should be looking for browse through the Internet for images of celebrity engagement rings featuring pear shaped stones.

You can rest assured that your partner will definitely love it and it will win her over. To start with something uncomplicated, take a look at singer and actress Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring given by ex-husband Nick Lachey. With the 3 stone ring has a 4 carat pear shaped diamond in the center in an Ideal cut and two smaller pear shaped Ideal cut diamonds on the side pointing outward. It is simply beautiful. Another celebrity diamond ring worth checking out is that worn by actress Katherine Heigl. Her engagement ring given by husband Josh Kelly has a 3 carat pear shaped diamond surrounded by pave diamonds. If extravagance is more your style, take a look at the pear shaped engagement ring presented by Richard Burton to actress Elizabeth Taylor, with a 69.42 carats diamond.

If simple one or three stone rings don’t catch your fancy, you can search for images of elaborate designs with pear shaped diamonds as well. Rest assured that there is an endless selection that can be found online. In case you want to keep the ring simple but still have it stand out from anything your loved one have ever seen in magazines or on friends, consider using a colored diamond instead of the traditional colorless. This will not only add a special touch to your engagement ring, but even ensure that the answer is ‘yes’. After all, no woman can refuse something as exclusive as a natural colored diamond.

Once you have found the design you are happy with, there are two choices in front of you. You can either choose a similar design from the stock a retail jewelry store has, or buy a loose diamond and get the ring made. Either way, you can be sure that the girl you are planning to propose to is going to absolutely love it. 

Monday 30 July 2012

Eternity Wedding Rings in New York

While the engagement ring is usually chosen by the man, when it comes to wedding rings the couple must take the decision together. There are instances where the man buys a ring set which consists of a beautiful engagement ring and a wedding band for the future wife. But if this is not the case for you, go ahead and choose from the wide range of eternity wedding rings in New York. The Internet can be just the resource you need to do this. After all, you know how men are about jewelry shopping. Plus, nothing can be more repelling than the thought of going from shop to shop looking for that perfect pair of wedding rings. Online diamond jewelry websites give you the chance to shop at your own convenience from the comforts of your home. Even if your fiancé is not too big on jewelry and wants a plain white gold or titanium band for him; there is no reason for you to do the same.

A wedding ring is one of the few items a girl holds on to for her whole life. It is not just a piece of jewelry, but something that signifies a union that cannot be broken. It holds great sentimental value too and hence it comes as no surprise that every woman wants this ring to be perfect. These days eternity wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular. Browsing through some images of eternity bands can give you a clear idea of why it is so. The rings look elegant, yet understated. They exude a classic look while also having a trendy style to them. If you want an eternity diamond wedding band but do not have the budget to splurge on multiple diamonds, you can instead go in for five diamond rings or seven diamond rings that give similar style without having too many diamonds.

There are quite a few ways to make this simple and elegant design a little personal or as per your taste. For instance, you will notice that most designs in eternity bands come with round brilliant diamonds. While these look classy and beautiful, if you want something a little different than the usual, you may want to choose an unusual diamond shape. If your engagement ring has a princess cut diamond as a center stone, choose an eternity ring with tiny princess cut diamonds. Or if you really want your engagement ring and wedding ring to look different from each other, choose a complimentary yet different cut such as cushion or emerald.

Some of the best eternity wedding rings in New York today are the ones that have a modern twist on this classic design. For example, many fashion savvy women are now using natural colored diamonds to adorn their wedding jewelry.

Friday 13 July 2012

Emerald Cut 3 Diamond Ring

The emerald cut in diamonds can be very versatile. Depending on the setting, design of the jewelry, and precious metal used, this particular cut in diamonds can look everything from art-deco inspired or antique to trendy, elegant and stylish. While if compared to the round brilliant cut, the emerald cut diamond does not match up in the fire and brilliance department, it does make up for it by having elegant long lines and intense flashes of light. Some of the popular jewelry items using this cut are the emerald cut 3 diamond ring – a favorite wedding jewelry, emerald cut diamond solitaire earrings with a matching pendant necklace, an emerald cut horizontal pave set halo engagement ring with an eternity diamond wedding band, and many more.

Emerald cut diamond rings are gaining popularity nowadays. More and more brides-to-be are fascinated with the look of this cut and what it brings to the most important piece of jewelry they will wear for the rest of their lives. The first feature that attracts young women towards this cut in diamonds for engagement rings is its paucity. While round brilliant cut diamonds are commonly spotted on the ring fingers of women from all across the world, only a minor percentage of engagement rings seen on women have emerald cut diamonds as a center stone or solitaire, making such a ring stand out.

For women looking for timeless designs, this cut fits the bill to the T. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings in an antique style are an epithet of classic grace and elegance. Another benefit of the cut is that it will cost you much less compared to the round brilliant of the same quality. This is because the emerald cut is more economical and requires a minimal amount of cutting. An allegory of the Art Deco period and simply stunning in a channel setting, the only thing you need to worry about is the clarity grade of the diamond to truly make your ring spectacular. A flawless diamond may be an investment, but it sure is worth the price when it comes to emerald cut diamonds in your engagement ring. According to experts the ideal length to width ratio you should look for is 1.5:1 for this cut.

A single emerald cut diamond ring or an emerald cut 3 diamond ring are ideal for an engagement ring. For ideas on design and settings you can browse through images of rings on the Internet. Better yet, take a look at some of the celebrity engagement rings for inspiration. For instance, singer Beyonce’s engagement ring made news all over the world. With an 18 carat, IF clarity grade, E color emerald cut diamond, it is the most expensive engagement ring ever, at $5 million.

Friday 29 June 2012

Heart Diamond Rings

Heart diamond rings are the best gift for women. The heart shape has forever been the symbol of love. Nothing says ‘I love you’ louder than a piece of jewelry with a heart shaped diamond. While a diamond ring is ideally an engagement announcement, if you are not at that stage of your relationship, you can choose any other jewelry with a heart shaped diamond. Some of the popular choices include heart shaped diamond pendant necklace and heart shaped diamond solitaire earrings. Another big dilemma for men is deciding on the budget for diamond gifts. You obviously want the diamond to look big, but how can you achieve this without having to shell out a substantial amount of money? Well, there are some tricks you can use to make her feel like a million bucks without actually spending all that much.

While it is a fact that any diamond’s grades in terms of the 4 Cs namely, carat, cut, clarity, and color determine its price, the diamond’s shape, cut and setting are major aspects that have a huge impact on its apparent size. A heart shaped diamond is a comparative fancy shape that looks larger than round brilliant diamonds carrying equal carat weight. These elongated diamonds also have the advantage of making the fingers look longer and elegant when worn with the pointed end towards the direction of the nails.

Setting is a crucial element when it comes to heart shaped rings. An ideal setting for making the diamond look bigger is a pave setting. This particular setting is made up of small diamonds set side by side into tiny holes with their surfaces in level with the setting to make it appear like a continuous surface of diamonds, while little beads of the precious metal chosen to make the ring hold the diamond in place. Intricate pave settings can be a bit expensive, so you might want to hold its price in comparison to buying a larger carat diamond instead. Another option is the illusion setting, wherein the diamond is mounted to a reflective plate before being set into the band. This setting not only makes the diamond look bigger than it is, but also allows it to appear more brilliant.

Many jewelers recommend shallow cut diamonds to make heart diamond rings look larger. This is a tempting offer as diamonds do appear bigger that the same size stones that have a deeper cut. The only downfall is that the diamonds that are shallow cut do not look as brilliant as the more proportional cut ones. This is because the light traveling through a shallow cut diamond does not bounce off the sides of the stone and back into your vision, but instead goes out the back of the diamond.

Friday 22 June 2012

Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

Second to only the round brilliant cut diamond, the princess cut is one of the most popular in diamond cuts. Square in shape this diamond gives a contemporary look to any piece of jewelry. In today’s day and age every jewelry piece needs to be versatile as well as modern. There was a time when women would shop for jewelry that matched a particular outfit or dress. People no longer have the time to change their ornaments each day according to their outfit. Most of us find some stunning and unique items like a princess cut diamond pendant necklace and matching princess cut solitaire earrings, and wear them every day. For any woman’s trinket box, a couple of pendant necklaces and pairs of earrings is a must. And what better pendant than one that has a beautiful diamond, and what better earrings than a pair that compliments that pendant and makes the ensemble a classy jewelry set.

Diamonds make fabulous gifts. Whether it is Christmas, your loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, your daughter’s graduation, an engagement in the family or wedding, diamond jewelry can put an unforgettable cherry on the cake. An exquisite diamond jewelry piece can stand out from all other gifts, no matter how expensive, and be treasured for years to come. One of the chief reasons to buy diamond jewelry as gifts instead of anything else is that it conveys a message that you care. Nobody buys diamond jewelry on an impulse. It is only bought for someone who means a lot to you and has played a special part in your life. Some may argue that buying plain jewelry in precious metals can suffice. Well, it can, but can it give the receiver the same pleasure as seeing a tiny sparkler? Diamonds are the last word in terms of class and sophistication. Plus, a plain gold chain might be kept aside, but a diamond pendant will be donned as soon as possible.

Buying a loose diamond or diamond jewelry like a princess cut diamond pendant can be tricky, especially for someone who does not know much about the stones. Most uncertain men and women visit retail jewelry stores and pick up the item that merely looks best and fits their budget. While this can be one way of doing it, retail jewelry stores can be a bit more expensive as compared to diamond dealers or traders that also offer jewelry. In addition, a majority of these traders have a larger collection of diamonds and designs than you see at an average retail store. There are many diamond traders that even offer hands-on assistance by experts to help you choose the perfect diamond in accordance with your decided budget.

Monday 21 May 2012

Diamonds in New York

The city that never sleeps is best known for its historic Statue of Liberty, the exciting Times Square, the enormous Central Park, world renowned museums, the magnificent Broadway theater productions and the Diamond District. One of the diamonds capitals of the world, New York lives up to its many reputations. In fact, this little city has been luring tourists from across the globe for quite a few decades now. With Broadway being deemed as the number one place to see any theater production, it welcomes thousands of foreign patrons each year. The city’s rich culture and vibrant nightlife brings in the youth that want to explore a cosmopolitan life. And then there is the populace that comes for the diamonds in New York.

The famous Diamond District is the first place to visit if you want to buy diamonds. Situated in midtown Manhattan, stores here offer every imaginable carat weight, cut, clarity grade and color combination possible. Whether you are interested in buying just one diamond or a number of loose diamonds, whether you want to set the stone in a design of your own or have your mind set on buying a preset solitaire diamond engagement ring, this is the place that will not disappoint you. But if you feel you can’t possibly look around and find something you want by visiting just some of the places here, a good way to find an ideal company is to look for what you need online. Most reputable companies have their official websites on the Internet that provide all needed information about their products as well as services. Many companies have online forms available to fix appointments to see their collection first hand. For tourists that do not want to waste time, this is a viable option as appointments can be fixed well in advance for a particular day.

You can also come across websites that facilitate creating your own ring by choosing the setting, diamond shape, cut, carat and clarity grade. Some of the common jewelry items you can find are women’s diamond engagement rings, women’s and men’s wedding rings, three five or seven diamonds wedding rings, diamond pendants, diamond tennis necklaces, diamond bracelets and diamond earrings. When shopping for diamonds, in addition to looking for the best possible deal within your budget, there are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind. You should look through at least a few collections at different merchants’ establishments. Compare aspects like quality of the diamond, origin and price. And, if you are looking for colored diamonds in New York, be sure to ask if the diamond is naturally colored in that particular hue or has been externally treated in any way.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Loose Heart Diamonds

It is said that the beauty of the diamond depends immensely on the skill of its cutter. This may be bluntly true for almost all diamond shapes except one. The beauty of a heart shaped diamond also depends on the emotion with which it is being presented to a woman and the adornment with which she wears it. This shape in diamonds is particularly popular for wedding jewelry such as engagement rings. Many patrons also buy loose heart diamonds to be set in earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The heart shape diamonds may be the most romantic shape in diamonds, and thus ideal in any jewelry setting as a gift for someone you love.

The heart shaped diamond is basically a pear shaped diamond that has a cleft at the rounded end. When out shopping for this particular shape, there are a few things you may want to pay special attention to. The first and most important aspect that affects the beauty of the heart shape is its symmetry. It is most vital that you make sure that if you draw an imaginary line through the start of the cleft at the pointed end of the diamond, the two sides that are formed are perfectly symmetrical. Asymmetrical heart shapes can end up looking unattractive and take away from the natural beauty of the stone. You should also make certain that the shape definition and outline of the diamond is superior and beautiful. This aspect plays an eminent role in the beauty factor of the stone once it is set in a jewelry piece.

Another consideration that should be made is about the roundness of the lobes. This aspect of the stone may be subjective, as some prefer more rounded lobes while other like a slender look of the stone. Lastly, you need to watch out for the bow tie formation when it comes to heart shaped diamonds. Also, this shape is best mounted in special settings with five prongs. Two prongs at the lobes of the heart, two on the sides and a V shape prong to protect the point of the heart.

A good way of avoiding this is to stay away from direct online purchases. While you may feel that finding a diamond is quicker online, such a purchase is best made when you have actually seen the stone you buy. There are many diamond traders available online that have their prominence on the Internet, but also offer one-on-one guidance and first hand look at the diamonds they have in store. Plus, many wholesale loose heart diamonds traders offer the diamonds at much better prices than you can ever get at any retail jewelry stores, not to mention they have a bigger selection for you to choose from.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Eternity Wedding Rings in New York

People spend years looking for that special someone. A person they would like to spend their life with. Someone they can love, support and cherish through thick and thin for eternity. That's why it comes as no surprise that no wedding jewelry shopping is complete without an eternity ring. While this type of ring is not necessarily worn as a wedding ring, many brides these days prefer eternity diamond rings instead of the plain precious metal bands. The main reason for this shift has been the aesthetic aspect of the two. When paired with a stunning diamond engagement ring, a plain precious metal wedding band can sometimes end up spoiling the look as a whole. On the other hand a slender diamond eternity band can enhance the beauty of even the most unconventional diamond engagement rings. For most Americans and avid diamond buyers from across the world, eternity wedding rings from New York are a favorite.

Eternity wedding rings have slowly become one of the must-have accessories for any married woman today. Stylish, elegant and chic these delicate rings are truly beautiful on every woman, regardless of age. In view of the fact that they compliment any outfit or personal style, it come as no surprise that designers and stores are constantly coming up with new styles and designs to meet the ever-increasing demand. You can find plenty of retail jewelry stores, online diamond portals, diamond trading companies and designer jewelry stores offering wide variety of such rings. It may be a good idea to visit a few and browsing through images of the same online to know what you prefer. You could even take a few print outs of the rings you liked most.

When you are looking for that ideal eternity diamond wedding ring, it is best to make some decisions beforehand. For instance, what metal would you like the diamonds to be set in? The most popular choices are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. The gold settings are either 14k or 18k. You may want to consider the metal used for your engagement ring to make the selection. After all, you wouldn’t want the two to not look good together. It is also helpful to decide on a particular budget ahead of time. While eternity diamond rings are not nearly as expensive as most large diamond engagement rings, doing this aids in narrowing down your search. You might also want to keep a particular diamond shape in mind as such rings come in complete circles of emerald, marquise, pear, round brilliant, princess cut, heart shaped, baguette, cushion cut and many more, which can be a bit overwhelming to choose. Again, it is a good idea to choose a diamond shape that compliments your engagement ring diamonds.

The benefit of buying eternity wedding rings in New York is that you can bet your bottom dollar to be spoilt for choice. Even if you only consider the type of setting you would like. You can choose anything including a channel setting, bezel setting, box setting, prong setting, bar setting, and pave setting. All these setting look significantly different from each other, so take a good look at your choices before selecting the one that pleases you most. In very rare cases, the store does not have what the customer wants. In such situations you can simply look for a reputable diamond trader or retail jewelry store that can make a customize ring for you. Remember that there is no ring too complex to make, so do not compromise on any aspect. After all, you intend to possess it for eternity.

Friday 27 April 2012

Pointers on How to Buy Diamonds in New York

It wouldn’t be too much of a leap to say, New York is to diamonds what Paris is to perfumes. People from all over the world swear by the diamonds and diamond jewelry procured here. Being one of the places in the world that sells the most number of diamonds per year, New York ensures every buyer gets precisely what he wants. Even though, it is a fact that you need at least some basic information about diamonds before taking the plunge and making a considerable buy; in addition to knowing about the 4 Cs and current prices there may be some pointers you might want to keep in mind when you are out to buy diamonds in New York. Whether you are looking for a humble piece of diamond jewelry or an exclusive large colored diamond, it may be best to decide your budget beforehand. This will help you narrow down your search and also keep within means.

There are three main factors to take into account while buying diamonds or diamond jewelry. First is the price of the diamond. This depends on the 4 Cs of the diamond and how rare it is. Second is the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading reports that ensures the quality, while providing details of measurements, proportions and grades of the stone. And third is buying from a source that prides itself on selling quality diamonds and offering honest customer service. Many avid diamond buyers browse the Internet for diamond designs to get a clearer idea of what they want and how the end product might look. Seeing pictures online and browsing through diamond traders’ websites can also help you realize the kind of price tag you may be looking at. There are plenty of well-known jewelry designers and retail diamonds stores all over the city, a large number of buyers prefer procuring diamonds straight from diamond dealers and traders based here, especially for loose colorless or colored diamonds. Doing so eliminates the middleman (the jewelry store or brand name), saving you hundreds of dollars.

A good way of finding a reliable diamond trading company might be to ask around or look for one online, but before you get impressed by the website from top to bottom, you should make an appointment to their store or outlet to make certain of their quality and standing in the market. In view of the fact that the New York diamond district is so well-known, you are bound to come across all sorts of diamond traders, so it may be imperative to be fastidious about whom you deal with. There are some companies that stand apart from the rest, for their customer services alone. These are the establishments that offer a hands-on, one on one diamond buying guidance by their diamond connoisseurs. In some special cases they may also send the diamonds to your home or office so that you can see them and make the choice in the comforts of your vicinity instead of making a personal trip down to the store.

Another advantage that may urge you to buy diamonds in New York is the endless array of designs. Since diamond traders and dealers are the ones that sell to stores and designers, they are stocked with all kinds of diamonds. This works to a consumer’s benefit, as you are bound to find the exact combination of grades, cut, clarity grade, shape, carat weight and size that you desire. These companies are also known to sell rare colored diamonds that come at a premium price, wedding jewelry, loose large diamonds, and so on, making them the best place to shop.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Diamond Engagement Bands – A Symbol of Eternal Love

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Finding the perfect ring for his loved one is every man’s dream, but he has to know all the right places to look for the perfect ring. Looking for good Diamond engagement bands in New York is like looking for a needle in the hay-stack, though having some background information can be of big help. It is vital to read up a little about the different types of cut, colors, clarity grades and carat sizes, so that you get the best value for your buck.

Their wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. Women dream for years about the day when they will finally walk down the aisle and say their wedding vows. Besides a beautiful wedding gown and the groom of course, the wedding is also made perfect by the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement rings exist in all cultures of the world. In fact, they have even been found in pre-historic caves! But it wasn’t until the discovery of the diamond that the engagement ring became something which a bride and groom would exchange and then cherish for the rest of their lives; not only for its beauty and price, but also for what it symbolizes. It holds a sentimental value that promises an unbroken circle of love, sacrifice and unwavering commitment.

Since the early 15th century, diamonds have sat proudly on these bands of love. The first records of a diamond engagement ring speak of Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg who presented it to his lady Mary of Burgandy. The diamonds in those days were scarce, found in mines of India and travelling all the way to Europe. Understandably, they were limited to the royals and the very rich. We are lucky that today, there are hundreds of outlets where you can get diamond engagement bands in New York. On one hand, while this has made it possible for us to acquire diamonds, on the other this has also led to a lot of low quality stones being sold in the market as diamonds. Unassuming people who do not possess proper knowledge about diamonds fall prey to such scams and end up spending a fortune on cheap gems.

Do not be disheartened. There are good stores for diamond engagement bands in New York and one can find them easily. All you need to do is do a little research and find one which suits your taste and of course your budget. Among the hordes of cheap stones, you will definitely find a place that sells the most exquisite diamond engagement bands in New York.

There are many kinds of diamonds which you can select from; depending upon what will suit the pretty hand of your loved one. Oval, square, marquise and princess cut are the most sought after diamond engagement bands in New York. The cut of a diamond is a very important factor and may finally make or break the deal for you. Although most women cannot resist any diamond, this fact changes when we are talking about their engagement rings. They are very particular about their preferences when it comes to diamonds bands for their wedding.

You can find various kinds of diamond engagement bands in New York. It is a good idea to have a certain budget in mind but make sure the ring you choose is perfect for your significant other. The value of any diamond ring would seem worth it when it sits proudly on their finger, as a token of eternal love and a symbol of the bond you two share.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Eternity Bands in New York

There are some pieces of jewelry in a woman’s life that hold a lot more importance than others in the trinket box. While the first thought for most runs towards the engagement ring, the second place is commonly commanded by the wedding band. This may be just a plain precious metal band for some, while for others it is an eternity diamond band. One of the most popular ways to get your hands on the best eternity bands in New York is to search for what you want through online images of the same, find a reputable diamond trading company or dealer, and get a well-designed well-finished product that will be cherished for the rest of your life.

Eternity diamond bands are a favorite among married women from all around the world for some specific reasons. First of all, these simple rings go extremely well with diamond engagement rings. In view of the certainty that almost all engagement rings nowadays are diamond studded, this not only compliments the other diamond ring but also does not take up too much room on the finger, comfortably fitting both. Keeping this in mind many jewelry stores and wholesale diamond jewelry companies have also started designing rings that can be procured in pairs, meaning the engagement ring and eternity band have similar diamonds and cuts to enhance the beauty of the whole design. Another marked aspect of the eternity diamond band is that it symbolizes eternal love, in addition to the fact that it sparkles from every angle.

Eternity diamond bands don’t always need to be part of the wedding jewelry. They make great anniversary or birthday gifts for the woman you love. Since they are not too much of an investment, you may want to consider buying matching diamond earrings or a chain and pendant alongside. New York is a great source for procuring diamond jewelry, so you might want to ask around for recommendations or at least keep an eye out for interesting rings. You can also go online and check for portals. Keep in mind that retail jewelry chains may be expensive as compared to diamond traders and dealers, as here the procurement is directly from the source. Plus, you are bound to find more selection and better quality for reasonable prices.

Some of the designs you will definitely come across for eternity bands in New York are shared four prong eternity rings or the single prong ones, channel set ones, open gallery eternity rings, bar set round diamond ones, micro pave eternity rings, half eternity rings, the seven diamond eternity rings, etc. All these designs come in a wide variety of cuts and diamond shapes like round, princess, and oval, and can be custom made as per your individual preference.

Friday 9 March 2012

Diamonds in New York

Buying diamonds in New York does not have to be a daunting task if you prepare yourself in advance by surfing the websites of the sellers and narrowing down the type of stone and jewelry you want to buy. You can call them for an appointment and consultation, and only after having a look at the piece you could decide and get the best value for money. Some stores even offer exchange deals which can be checked out and may prove profitable.

New York City is an important diamond center where 80% of the world’s diamonds are sold or auctioned. And diamonds can be the best gifts for any special occasion; be it anniversaries, birthdays and the all-important I Do moment. Diamonds after all signify eternal love. The use of diamonds as gemstones for adornment dates back to antiquity but since the 20th century gemology experts have developed methods of grading diamonds based on some important characteristics which are carat, cut, color and clarity – the 4 Cs. Diamonds are graded as such by various bodies in the US and Europe such as GIA (USA), HRD, IGI, PGGL (USA), EGL and AGS (USA). A consultation with a gemologist will definitely shed more light on the type of stone you should select.

It is a known fact that royals and celebrities have set the trend in yellow diamonds making them popular and they really are in high demand. Depending on the intensity of its color, a yellow diamond can be set with gold, white gold or even platinum to enhance its natural beauty.

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and grades from loose, set, cut, uncut to colored. Some of the popular types of set diamond jewelry available in New York are the five diamond bands, three stone rings, diamond studs, seven diamond bands, all around eternity diamond rings, solitaire pendants and bracelets. Colored diamonds are also gaining popularity and come in many shades such as yellow, orange, blue, black, brown, blue, pink, red, and green.

Diamonds in New York can be bought in the two Diamond Districts as well as international retail and wholesale stores, where you can find the whole array of diamonds and diamond jewelry to suit every need and purse. All you have to do is equip yourself with some knowledge about the types of diamonds available, how they can be evaluated and finally the prices, discounts, etc. Buying a diamond is not an everyday affair for most of us, so it is important to set aside enough time for this venture.

Thursday 23 February 2012

Eternity Wedding Rings in New York

Engagement rings have always been the most important wedding jewelry item for women across the world, but no finger is complete without a wedding ring. Wedding rings can range in designs and sizes, although the most popular style is eternity wedding rings. Wedding bands are simple and classic as compared to the elaborate or extravagant engagement rings people buy nowadays. These may be plain gold, silver or platinum rings, while eternity wedding rings have diamonds going the whole way around on the ring. If you are looking for such exquisite piece of jewelry for your bride-to-be, you may want to consider eternity wedding rings in New York, as they are highly sought after for their exclusive styles, good quality diamonds and designs. One of the many reasons you may notice a majority of new brides flaunting eternity diamond wedding rings is that its beauty surpasses that of a plain band, tenfold.

Symbolizing the eternity of a married relationship, it is believed that each diamond set in the ring stands for some special aspect shared by the two souls. But eternity rings are not just used as wedding rings; they also make great gifts to mark a special occasion, especially for your spouse. For instance, your wife will remember the birth of your first child with a divine fondness if the day is marked with an eternity ring. Another thing to remember is that you don’t need to follow a trend or stick to the conventional. While for an eternity wedding ring the best jewel would be diamonds, you can consider other precious gems for other occasions. These can be rubies, colored diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and so on, according to your preferences and likes.

In a place like New York, you can be sure of finding exactly what you want for a price you hope. All you have to ensure is finding a reputable diamond trader and know roughly what you are looking for. There are three things you might want to make up your mind about, before starting your actual search. First you must know the type of diamond setting you want. Next, you will have to decide on the shape of the diamonds you prefer. And lastly, come to a practical decision about a feasible clarity, cut, color grades and carat weight you desire.

For those of you buying eternity wedding rings in New York, some of the settings you may want to take a look at are Channel settings, Prong settings, Bar settings, Bezel settings, Box settings, Claw settings, and Pave settings. You could use such settings in full eternity rings where the stones are set completely around the band, or half eternity rings, where the ring has a set number of diamonds set partially around the ring.

Friday 17 February 2012

Buy Diamonds Online in New York

We all lead busy lives in this metropolitan. There’s home, work, social life, and if we have time left from all these pockets, a little shopping. But when it comes to buying diamond jewelry, one can’t do it in a spur of the moment. You need time and planning. Buying such pieces of jewelry from retail jewelry stores has become so passĂ©. These days most people buy diamonds online in New York. The prices are much better, you have immense choice and selection, and you can shop from the comforts of your home without worrying about shop timings or commuting to the stores personally. In case of diamond shopping though, there may be disadvantages of online buys like not being able to see the diamond in person and return policies.

Therefore, following some simple tips might be necessary to ensure getting want you desire. While buying diamonds, it is primary to remember the basics of diamonds. For those of you who are out diamond shopping for the first time, take time out to read up on the subject. You don’t need thorough knowledge, but it may be of great help to know essentials like the four Cs and how the grades affect the price and value of the stone. The better the grades, the more expensive the diamond may be. Understanding the four Cs and how they work to enhance the beauty and fire of a diamond, can help you comprehend how far low you can go in the scale grades and still acquire an exquisite jewel. You can also visit a few diamond traders of the city to see various stones up-close. There are a few companies that offer hand-on assistance, by appointment.

The certification of the diamond is most important for a buyer. This not only ensures the quality of the diamond, but also its exact grades. You should never buy a diamond that does not come with a grading report by a well-known certification authority such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL). These certificates provided by most diamond traders and manufacturers today are reliable, and have important information about the diamond you have purchased so as to give you confidence and assure value.

Another thing to keep in mind when you buy diamonds online in New York is to procure the item from a reputable diamond trading company, manufacturer or store. It may be wise to ask friends and family for recommendations. And lastly, be sure to insure your purchase, particularly if the diamond purchased is high in value in New York. Doing this little bit can ensure years of peace of mind. If you are not sure of the website providing online insurance, you can contact customer support.

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