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Thursday 21 March 2013

Style your jewelry with loose diamonds from New York

Have you ever wished your favorite diamond ring was in a different setting so it wouldn’t keep cleaving your clothes? Have you bought diamond jewelry without considering the diamonds’ grades and certification only because a particular design appealed to your taste? Have you ever hoped to find that one select style or design you saw a celebrity wearing at a red carpet event at your local retail diamond jewelry store? Well, if you have, it may be time to say ‘goodbye’ to retail jewelry stores and be introduced to the world of loose diamonds. In view of the fact that you want nothing but the best, consider buying your loose diamonds in New York. The number one reason for this is that the city is the largest diamond hub in the country. NYC routes almost more than 90% of the total diamonds entering the United States.

The New York diamond district is located in the heart of the city and houses some of the most celebrated diamond traders in the industry. You have quite a few choices. You should be in safe hands as long as you deal with a trader that values his reputation and believes in providing his clientele with the best he can offer. Having said this, it is always better to know at least the basics of diamonds and diamond shopping. This includes knowing about the 4 Cs and how they influence the beauty of the precious stone. You might also want to read up a little about the different diamond jewelry settings and how they change the way a jewelry piece may look.

These days, many smart buyers prefer shopping around for high-quality loose diamonds in New York for the following reasons. In addition to having a superior selection as compared to any other city in the country, some of the well-known diamonds traders in the district offer services such as diamond connoisseurs to help customers find the exact diamonds they want, sending the diamonds that fit the requirement of the client to his or her office or home to inspect, and designing the desired piece of jewelry with the selected diamonds. Loose diamonds are a better bet as compared to diamonds that have already been set in jewelry pieces in many ways. Firstly, you can choose the loose diamond’s grades and specifications, which can add to the jewelry’s beauty and appeal. Plus, in most cases, even loose diamonds that are high in quality and grades can be found at fairly reasonable prices making the jewelry cost-effective.

Online portals have made shopping for loose diamonds in New York simpler than ever before. All you need to do is search for a recognizable name and let them know of your diamond requirements.

Friday 8 March 2013

Stunning Jewelry Trend for 2013 - Large Diamonds, New York and Globally

Fashion trends are ever changing, evolving and very often cyclical. There is never a dull moment! The past couple years have seen a re-emergence of the importance of accessories and they are bigger and better than ever. With a lot of emphasis on the luxe and the elegant, fine jewelry continues to be a big fore-runner and is once again on the upswing, but with a pretty noticeable twist! Bigger, chunkier jewelry now seems to dominate many a fashion season, and it has continued into the new year as well, as seen on the streets of the fashionable New York city and at starry events all over the world. When it comes to fine jewelry and those looking to make a trendy yet long term investment - what is popular are large diamonds in New York, Hollywood and many cities where the trend-setters reside.

Diamonds are timeless, effervescent and undeniably beautiful. Diamond jewelry changes from year to year; the styles, the sizes and the kinds of colors used and the way people wear them, all of it goes through minor and major overhauls every year. There are the timeless solitaire studs, diamond hoops, solitaire rings and the like that are always in vogue; but the bigger, brighter rocks have caught the attention of anyone who wants their very own piece of opulent dazzle. If you are looking to purchase large diamonds in New York or anywhere else in the country, it is is obvious that it is a major investment and a pretty noticeable one at that. The stone should ideally be of a skilled cut, good clarity and will be a high carat weight due to the size.

Recently, red carpet sightings have been full of A-listers wearing large diamond tear drop earrings, a statement necklace with a big stone set in the center or tennis bracelets encircled with glistening large gemstones. These luminescent sparklers have inspired many designer and local versions, in all sorts of ranges and styles. If you want the look of gorgeous large diamonds but without the price shock, you can also try layering a couple smaller diamond encrusted pieces to mimic the impact and the pizazz or opt for costume jewelry if you are still figuring out if the look fits in well with your personal aesthetic.

If you are seriously considering investing in large diamonds, New York is the place to go. It is not only home to some of the best jewelry design houses, up to date on the trend du jour, but also home to many reputed diamond trading companies who not only procure the best quality stones for you, but also provide customers with a range of stunning setting options, where they can place the diamond of their choosing. Some of the better known and more professional traders also offer detailed guidance on the best diamonds to purchase, as well as give you the option of custom designing your own unique piece.

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