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Monday 30 December 2013

Jewellery for the holiday season.

Jewellery empowers us. It makes us feel important regardless of the occasion. Of course, when selecting jewellery its important to know what works and what doesn’t. When going out for a party, you might want to keep the jewellery understated, but eye catching. Similarly, a wedding may be the perfect event to show off your gold jewelry. No matter what the occasion, we will help you select the right jewellery so you can step out looking fabulous all the time.

What to wear - At the office holiday party

The year 2013 comes to a close and as we say goodbye to the old year, the parties have already begun to ring in the new year. If your office is celebrating the new year with a party it may be a fine time for you to make the right impression. A pair of elegant diamond earrings teamed up with a red or black dress is a perfect way to make your outfit pop, while keeping things classy. Silver bracelets are also a good choice for ladies who want to show off their festive manicure.

What to wear - To the New Year Dance

The end of the year brings with it the onset of celebrations and if you’re the type who loves to party with their dancing shoes on, a new years ball is a must. At such black tie gatherings, it’s important to look the part. Opt for a long black dress, high heels, and an updo for your basic outfit.

For jewellery fans, an occasion like this presents much opportunities for showing off your precious collection of jewellery, but don’t overdo it. Diamond and Crystal necklaces are very much in vogue and can accentuate a plunging neckline. Try to find hair sticks for your updo that have gem accents on them. Chandelier earrings can help bring out that new hairstyle, and also help keep that outfit runway chic.

What to wear - Dinner with the extended family

It’s usually that time of the year when the turkey’s are carved, egg nog is prepared and the entire family gets together to celebrate the holidays. If you meet them just once or twice a year it may be a good idea to dress formally,  grey skirt, black flats, and a white button down blouse. A pair of sapphire earrings and a simple diamond ring may be all the company you need in terms of jewellery.
If you meet them often, (once a month) then you could get away with wearing casuals, t-shirt and jeans teamed up with a simple diamond ring.

What to wear - For the after party

If you’re the clubbing type, who prefers to ring in the new year with song and dance, you should know that what you wear at the club will determine how the rest of your night plays out. Usually a short dress and a good pair of heels is all you need to wear at a club. In terms of jewellery, earrings and bangles can go a long way. This year, chandelier earrings and hoop earrings are both making a comeback, so pick up a pair before you head out a long way. Adding bangles to your outfit is a great way to complete a fun outfit without having to splurge too much. Lastly, wearing a toe ring or a simple silver ring on your finger can also help put together a funky but fun outfit that will have heads turning.

So, how are you going to be decked up for the holidays? Ask us all your jewellery related questions below and we will answer them. Happy Holidays!

Monday 23 December 2013

How to select the perfect jewelry according to your body type.

Jewelry is the one thing that can make or break a look. Whether worn with formal dresses, gowns and flowing outfits or with jeans, tees and other more casual outfits, one’s look can be enhanced by simply choosing the right jewelry. More than jewelry that goes with a particular outfit though, it is important to know your body type and accordingly pick out jewelry to accentuate or shift focus away from a particular feature. In order to learn to pick out the perfect jewelry for your outfit, you need to know about your body type. The table below will help you better define your body type, based on height, weight and the shape of your face. Once you’ve established your body type, the various types of jewelry, that will go with your body type is easy to pick out, based on our helpful tips and suggestions!

Body Type Reference:

Tall Over 5’7”
Petite under 5’4”


Facial Structure

Helpful Tips and suggestions on how to pick up jewelry according to your body type:

Now that the above table has given you a frame of reference for your unique body type, here are a few helpful hints as to the perfect type of jewelry you can pick up according to your body type.

Long, dangling earrings, accentuated with stones draw immediate attention to one’s face and can either emphasize a certain feature, or de-emphasize one, depending on the look you’re going for. Perfect for tall, leggy women, these earrings go well with almost any outfit and should be the jewelry of choice, irrespective of the nature of the outfit. If your face is slightly angular and your frame is average (please refer to the table above), you may want to look at button earrings or studs (diamond solitaires much?). Also keep in mind the hairstyle you opt for, considering that long wavy hair would hide most earrings. Geometric patterns and shapes really bring out the beauty in larger, full figured women, while angular faced maidens can use square shaped or button shaped earrings to soften the angles of their face!
Girls and their Diamonds!

Necklaces, especially the thin, delicate kinds with a single pendant or solitaire, can be used to amazing effect to really accentuate the neck on a tall woman, drawing in one’s eye onto that particular feature. A string of pearls, or gemstones are equally stunning on tall women, while something with a lot more detailing on it, like a choker, helps to de-emphasize height. Longer necklaces, with multiple layers, really add dimension and volume to a woman’s neck and can really give a slightly shorter woman the illusion of height. slightly more full figured women should opt for longer necklaces with larger stones, as these attract the eyes downwards and give an impression of slimness.



Bracelets come in all ways, shapes and forms. It is important though to pick the perfect one for you. Wider bracelets are more proportionate on women of an average height anywhere between 5’4”-5’7”. Narrower, more intricate bands or bangles, really make the wrists of the more petite woman sing out. Longer arms should be accentuated with thicker, more layered bracelets that add dimension. Depending on height, either several narrow bands worn together or a couple of wide bands adds balance to a full figure.



Rings are more than statements of eternal love. They can help people make a real style statement. Now wearing a bling ring may seem cool, but you needs to understand that it is important to, select rings according to the size and shape of your finger. Longer fingers can be embellished with almost any ring, from the simple, to the decadent. Slender fingers though need to be concealed and this can be achieved with tremendous effect, with wider bands. Shorter fingers merit more dainty, simpler rings that de-emphasize the length of the finger.

Monday 16 December 2013

Jewelry that will make you stand out, no matter the occasion: I

Jewelry and human emotions go hand in hand. From the locket a father gifts his young daughter, to the tiara at her sweet 16, to the ring she receives as a sign of her partner’s unflinching love and fidelity, the milestones that mark every significant human event, has a piece of jewelry associated with it. There is also a more fashion forward element to jewelry. The fact that any look can be made or broken by the presence or absence of a particular piece. Says stylist Jane Friedel, “in jewelry as in clothing, the point is to accentuate one particular facet of the wearer’s personality. It should act in tandem with the outfit and the attitude, and not against it. The most difficult thing to do is to keep it simple. People generally tend to do too much and muddle up too many looks on one outfit. That’s the cardinal sin to be avoided in accessorising with jewelry.”

How then is one supposed to pick the perfect jewelry for a particular look? “The answer to that is quite simple,” says Friedel, “create a signature style, stick to the classics, timeless stuff that doesn’t go out of fashion easily. Pick one particular accessory that you can team with several outfits, with different effects. Create a cheat sheet and keep adding to it!” 

Creating your signature style:

Things to consider when creating your signature style:

Attitude: Clothing and accessorizing are all about the attitude a wearer conveys. A single piece of clothing or jewelry defines the attitude of a person. Jeans and a tee, with rings for example makes one a more easygoing, relaxed person. While a formal look with a thin chain and a pendant gives one a more business like, straightforward air. Always remember to pick your look as per the occasion. More than one look is mandatory, and allowances need to be made as per the season, style, color, occasion and personality of the wearer.

Comfort: Remember, your style should be based on your comfort factor and not vice versa. Pick jewelry based on what you are comfortable with. Metals, stones and other considerations apart, the weight of a piece, its styling and its look need to be something that your sensibilities approve of. If you are more of a minimalist, don’t look at wearing jewelry that is both heavy and too intricate. The discomfiture in your manner, will make the piece, no matter how stunning, look cumbersome on you!

Pieces to consider when constructing your signature look:

Rings: Call them symbols of forever love, or a kooky self expression, rings ought to be in your list of consideration of jewelry that will elevate your outfit to a new level. “When choosing a ring,” says Friedel, “always consider the kind of occasion you are going to attend. A formal dinner for example mandates a simple, understated band, as against a night out on the town that is more of an attitude ring.”

Bracelets: Whether worn in tandem with a ring, or on their lonesome, bracelets are definitely attitude pieces. Whether a simple charm bracelet, or something more chunky and eye catching, bracelets are the one piece of jewelry that accentuate the wearer’s eccentric personality and can add a new and edgier facet to one’s clothing.

Necklaces: Necklaces or chains, whether thin and dainty or intricate and heavy are the accessory of choice for the ‘princess’ or ‘diva’ look. When choosing a necklace, always consider the neckline of an outfit. A formal, plunging neckline of sorts mandates a thin necklace, with a simple pendant, locket or diamond, as against an ethnic, exotic outfit, on which a heavy set choker, or costume necklace, would be recommended.

Monday 9 December 2013

This holiday season’s hottest jewelry trends - II

The holidays are a time for more than just warm fires, family gatherings, carol singing and binging on Christmas goodies. They are a time to go out, socialise, party and truly live it up. And when the question of what to wear to these parties has been sorted, another more pertinent question arises, what do I wear to accessorise my perfect ensemble?

The answer to that question can be traced back to the world’s fashion capitals for the most happening trends in jewelry and accessories. From Milan, New York, Paris and Rome, we bring you the latest, most up to date trends in jewelry, to enable you to truly make a splash and a statement at your next holiday do!

The seasons hottest trends:

While earrings and conventional jewelry are always the rage, this season you may want to look at unconventional pieces of jewelry, think as wacky as you can and chances are you will find that to be the season’s most defining piece. Don’t believe us? Keep reading…

# 1. Bracelet clutch handles:

A clutch purse always contains your essentials, now how about turning it into a signature jewelry piece for the holiday season? How does one do that? Well the answer is quite simple, a clutch purse with a bejewelled handle that fits around your wrist like a bracelet. Sounds far fetched? Well these are all the rage in Paris right now, where the creative geniuses at major fashion labels are combining leather and jewelry to make a statement of pure decadence on the runways.

# 2. One word necklaces:

You may have seen these on hip hop artists, who wear them mostly as a combination of rings. This season though, one word necklaces are all the rage with the runways of Milan, buzzing with activity about them. Positive words like LOVE, COOL, HAPPY, SEXY and AMAZING set into metals of choice, either adorned with precious stones or simply left unadorned are gracing the necks of models, glitterati and celebrities too! So what’s your word of choice this season?

# 3. Chandelier Earrings

Classic, timeless and the epitome of elegance. Chandelier Earrings are one piece that refuses to go out of style. In Rome. London and New York, the fashion weeks and ramp shows are replete with models showcasing this look. When teamed with either a simple diamond solitaire necklace or a bare neck, and an off shoulder gown, chandelier earrings are bound to make a statement of elegance and sophistication, not to mention the looks of envy and admiration from all and sundry.
Diamond Chandelier Earrings

# 4. Mineral Necklaces

Worn as a choker, mineral necklaces are what fashionistas are raving about this season. Featuring a range of pendants in unconventional stones such as aquamarine, jasper and agate, these mineral necklaces are perfect accompaniments to high necked sweaters, turtlenecks and open shirts. Very elegant and yet rustic and earthy, a definite must have this holiday season!

# 5. Brooches

With their old world charm, intricate craftsmanship, their appeal as collectibles and as family heirlooms, brooches are an unusual, yet highly in vogue jewelry trend this season. While they can be made from either, gold, silver or platinum, this season’s predominant trend favours gold with precious and semi precious stones in animal, insect and flower shapes.

# 6. Solid gold medallions

Singular and distinctive, inlaid or simple, medallions are the flavour of the season. While traditionally used as a pendant, traditions are meant to be rewritten in fashion and this season the medallion is being use as bracelets, as earrings, as brooches and as rings. Shiny and round with intricate designs seem to be firm favorites with models and celebrities alike!

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