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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Top 5 diamond bands in New York

If you ask any girl what her most prized piece of jewelry is, the answer at least 90 out of a 100 times is an engagement ring or wedding ring. And what is a prerequisite for an engagement ring or wedding ring design? Well, diamonds of course. No piece of jewelry can compare to the beauty of a diamond ring. Whether it is a simple solitaire diamond ring, an eternity band with a multitude of small but brilliant diamonds, or exclusive 5 diamond bands in New York, if it wasn’t for the diamonds the rings would simply not look as good. Today, most of us own a diamond solitaire pendant, solitaire ring or pair of earrings. So, what should be your next diamond buy? Well, your collection won’t be complete without a 5 diamond band.

5 diamonds bands are gaining due popularity these days as anniversary gifts, and they are apt for any kind of celebration from your mother’s birthday to your daughter’s graduation. If you are looking for some reasons to convince you to buy a ring in a 5 diamond band design, read on.

Let’s think back to why women like rings more than other pieces of jewelry. The first reason is that rings are worn on the fingers and can constantly be seen by the wearer. This cannot be true of other jewelry items such as earrings and pendants. There is a simple but great pleasure in admiring something beautiful and valuable you wear. Plus, the diamonds always add beauty to the hand and make it look more attractive. Another reason is that rings are easy to show off. Since women move their hands quite a bit when having a conversation, these small brilliant beauties are easy to flaunt. Also, diamond earrings or elaborate necklaces or pendants are not generally worn everyday, while a diamond ring can be a part of her daily wear. This is also one of the biggest advantages. Wouldn’t you just love it if your mother, wife or daughter wore the diamond ring each day and was reminded of you each time she glanced at it?

Once you have made up your mind about buying this design, be prepared for the overwhelming choices in front of you. Remember that the diamond shape plays a very major role in the way the ring will look, so choose wisely. The other factor that affects the look of the design is the type of setting. Do your research and see your choices before making up your mind.

If you are buying 5 diamond bands in New York¸ make sure you source from a celebrated diamond trader that can provide you with adequate certification for the jewels. Also ensure that you buy good quality diamonds and choose superior grades in terms of clarity, cut, and color, as these factors affect the overall beauty and brilliance of the stones.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Rare diamonds in New York

If you are a style addict, one of the most important priorities for you must be to follow current trends in clothes as well as jewelry fashion. As far as jewelry is concerned, these days it is all about colored rare diamonds in New York, whether we are talking about an A list red carpet event or a charity fund raiser. While you may have colorless diamond jewelry by every known designer in town, you are not going to make news unless you have at least one signature colored diamond piece in your trinket box.

With colored diamonds available in a huge array of colors such as orange, brown, yellow, pink, black, red, blue, green, champagne, grey, purple, and many more, you can bet to find the color you absolutely love. Just as white diamonds, colored diamonds come in a huge variety of shapes and cuts to enhance the beauty and appeal of every jewelry piece. You can find colored diamonds at retail jewelry stores or with online diamond traders, but to find ones that will be talked about and one of a kind, you will have to put in some time to find the ideal diamonds traders to buy the jewels from.

Many a times, you already have a favorite diamond jewelry piece, and all you want changed are the diamonds, from colorless to colored. In such cases it is best to find diamond traders or wholesalers that offer loose diamonds for sale. Rest assured that many do. In fact, you may also find some select diamond trading companies that take on the responsibility of changing the diamonds for you or making the exact piece with colored diamonds. All you need is to find a dependable and trustworthy company in town. Go with a name that is reputable and is known for its service in your societal circle.

Nowadays, style is all about being different from the run of the mill. Jewelry designs and diamonds are no exception. The rarer the color, the more exclusive and valuable is the diamond. There are many celebrities that even choose to set the diamond in its unpolished form. These naturally beautiful stones are head-turners as pendants and even signature rings. While such styles are apt for the young and edgy fusionistas, the ones who want their jewelry to exude elegance go for conventional cuts and shapes but opt for larger carat weights. However, if your focus is to get your hands on some rare diamonds in New York regardless of color, think of a budget before you start looking around. The city has more than a few good diamond traders offering fine diamonds, and with things that possess such hypnotizing beauty it is almost natural to go a little overboard.

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