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Saturday 19 January 2013

New York City of Diamonds

City of Diamonds

Diamonds are more multipurpose than many people realize. They are used for fashion but they are also integral to the manufacture process and the field of medicine. The sharp blades of many tools used in hospitals and in some factories are made with the hardest substance on earth, diamond. But the use of diamond as an embellishment remains the more prominent one. This has spurred many a search for the precious stone. In the typical search for loose diamonds New York emerges as a prime location.

If you want to find valuable and high quality loose diamonds New York has what you need. The city has what is known as the diamond district. After all it is essentially a whole street that seems to be dedicated to the diamond shoppers of the US.

The stores and dealers specialize in a number of diamond related products and services. These include inspection services and sales as well as customization of loose diamonds. Since it is often so difficult for the untrained eye to determine the genuine nature of a diamond product, inspectors have been able to make a living. A buyer can hire an inspector to assist them in analyzing the four Cs of diamond quality, cut and shape, color, carat and clarity and advise them on the best deal.

Diamond sellers have established several shops in Diamond city to cater to the needs of buyers. As you stroll through the city, don’t be alarmed if you see three or more shops set up within a single block. What you need to know also is that the stores that offer higher quality products tend to also offer certification.  Certified diamonds is probably the closest confirmation of quality that a buyer can get. It is a written statement assuring the buyer that the product is genuine and that the qualities outlined are true.

The US is famous as the world’s most prominent diamond market. It is not difficult to see how this is so. The city is home to the high life and is a frequent place for celebrities. Entertainers and other affluent celebrities are frequently seen strolling along the streets and visiting the city’s most high end restaurants and hotels. An impressive diamond based industry has developed to satisfy this growing potential. This is why when you seek high quality loose diamonds New York must be one of the first places you look.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Shopping For Diamonds? Here are some Handy Tips


Diamonds glimmer and have a tendency to trigger feelings of awe, joy or even romance. When searching for diamonds in New York you will find that the city offers you a wide variety of sources for the precious gems.

There are lots of dealers for diamonds in New York. This plethora of dealers allows customers to be able to shop around and find the stone that speaks to them individually. Shopping for diamonds should be a thrilling experience and in a city like New York the atmosphere is set for such an experience since the city exudes an ethos of excitement. But being duped into buying fake or low quality diamonds for high prices cannot be fun at all. This is why you need to arm yourself with all the information necessary to make you and informed customer.

You need to be aware of the criteria that help to determine the value of a diamond. Dealers and other stakeholders in the industry typically refer to them as the four Cs. These are the cut and shape of the stone, its color, carat and clarity.

Very few people recognize that carat in jewelry circles is really the weight of the item. Generally the heavier the color diamond, the higher the value and price will be. This is so because the higher the carat, the rarer the piece is. You should note also that two diamonds may have the same carat but different prices due to the other factors cut and shape, color and clarity.

The value of a diamond is reliant on its color and color indicates the amount of yellow tinge that can be seen on the piece. Sometimes the tinge is so vague that a microscopic view is required. Diamonds do come in colors in the traditional sense (red pink etc) but it is really the yellow hue in white diamonds that determines the value and when reference is made to color as a determining factor for quality it is usually the ‘yellowness’ that is being  spoken of.

Remember that diamonds are like fingerprints since each is unique in its own right.  One of the things that help to increase the rarity of a diamond is its cut and shape. With all the best diamonds in New York and the many discerning buyers, dealers have learnt to market their products well. You should ensure that you look beyond all the marketing ploys to ensure that you are satisfied after purchase.

Gifts from the Heart in New York

Giving a gift can be just as fulfilling as receiving one. But no one can deny that actually buying the gift is often an arduous task. It is important to give a gift that makes it apparent that you had the receiver’s interests in mind. It shows thoughtfulness and gives the impression that you really care about the individual. Whether you are looking for hand crafted, ready-made or elaborate gifts such as diamonds New York City’s merchants are your ideal source

Music is a wonderful gift. It inspires the soul and warms the heart. Look for albums that are produced by the recipient’s favorite artist or those that fall in a genre that fits the personality. If you are buying a gift for an adventurous, active and outgoing person who is a lover of excitement then maybe rock or hip hop is the best genre. New York is the music Mecca of the world and as such it won’t be difficult to find genre based or popular musical gifts in this city.

Someone who loves to read or is a collector of books will be thrilled to receive an anthology from their favorite poet or novelist. Consider the genre that the person loves whether it be science fiction, horror, mystery, romance or adventure.

Jewelry makes an exquisite and impressive gift item. When it comes to genuine gold silver or diamonds New York has one of the best offerings in terms of variety and quality. These necklaces, rings and bracelets are sure to wow female gift receivers. Diamonds are particularly favored by women and make for a perfect gift during romantic moments such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or engagement. 

Some people go crazy for home made gifts. If you are gifted in that way you may consider craft as a means of creating a unique gift that says a lot about how you feel. The city has its fair share of craft shops dedicated to helping you find that perfectly artistic and heart-warming item. Of course you can also have these hand-made treasures embellished with beautiful loose diamomds.

New York is the place to be if you’re looking for exquisite diamonds. The city is known to many as the bling capital of the world and with good reason. It is home to many of the more prominent diamond dealers in the country and the world. Shop around to find the best diamonds New York has to offer as gift items for the special person in your life.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Diamond Wow Factor

“Will you marry me?”He asked. Then he opened the box. She looked and there she saw their future as clear as the sixteen carat diamond embedded in its precious platinum metal envelope.  A “yes” he hoped for just as he earlier asked his friend if he knew any of stores with diamonds in New York.  

These sentiments are in many cases attempted with a small box which houses the hopes of many men that are placed in a well cut diamond that represents the hope that their intended recipients will accept the gesture. 
Diamonds have since long been used as tokens of promise, friendships and as a sign of endearing eternal love.  These gift ideas are not confined to the notion that men give diamonds to women but, also the other way around.  Diamond encrusted watches have in recent times become a new fashion fad among men of all sects.  Chains, rings, pendants and bracelets are some of the types of jewelry that seem to cross the gender borders when the moment arises.   Women on the other hand would in many cases love to have their beds completely covered in these precious polished gems in any form along with roses or any other preferred fauna.  A bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

Many patrons of the stones buy them in order to create their own memories either by bestowing it on a soul mate, strengthening a friendship or reminding someone that they are forever there and will continue to be.  Diamonds in New York have visited many places in the world, especially cathedrals or any other place that people say to each other, “I am yours forever.”

These precious stones come in a wide range of colors and shapes and are in most cases priced in terms of what diamond traders call the four C’s.  These include: carat, cut, clarity and color.  Famous stores in the “Big Apple” are famous for their fine quality diamonds in New York that are imported from the finest traders worldwide.  The famous 47th Street in Manhattan is said to be responsible for highlighting New York as the Diamond capital of the western world. 

Diamonds are envied for their finished beauty and the stories that conceptualize their existence.  Most famous diamonds have evolved from famous love stories or great empires that passed leaving behind magnificence and a memory. 

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