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Thursday 29 August 2013

3 Style Tips for Fall / Autumn 2013

Style and Fashion is transient and often comes, goes and comes back again with speeds that mere mortals are always left trying to catch up with! Summer seems to have been fading fast in the blink of an eye and it is almost time to put away the sun dresses, flip flops and summer brights. If runway offerings are what you go by, then it is definitely time to see what the latest Fall / Autumn and even Winter offerings are. 

While some classic pieces like a little black dress or Asscher diamond engagement rings are always chic and timeless, there is a lot you can do, see and update for the fall season ahead. Find pieces and styles that help you transition from seasons in a more seamless manner and enjoy the lush colors, fabrics and layering options that the crisp Autumn weather brings in.

Here are a few style and fashion tips for the beautiful months ahead -

  • Fall Colors – Fall and Autumn really speaks of colors that are deep, saturated and vivid jewel tones that are mysterious and some hues that more crisp like navy. Color trends for 2013 indicates shades of teal, coffee or chocolate, burnt orange or rust, burgundy, coral, olive green and the like are going to be extremely big this year. What is also surprising this year is that pastels, usually a more Spring palette, have also made an appearance in Fall collections! Add pastel shades like baby pink, chalky blue and peach in more Fall-esque ways by using it in accessories like scarves, gloves and hats or rose gold options in Asshcer diamond engagement rings and other jewelery. Pastel coats are also a trend to watch out for and a nice way to bring in some muted yet pretty color.

  • It is all about the layering – Fall is a great transitional season from the super hot summer temps to the frigid cold winter ones. Layering clothing is one of the best ways to handle the in between weather when you want to stay comfortable and still not swaddle yourself in giant coats and jackets. Luxe sweat shirts with small flourishes, funky fur vests, long sleeved dresses with cashmere tights, cardigans with military touches, moto jackets in leather and non leather and capes are once again super in for the Fall of 2013.
  • Fall looks as far as makeup goes was pretty fun and bold all over the runways. While literal translations might be a little too wacky for real life, there are a few take a ways that you can tweak as per your preference. Smoky eyes are still popular but in more muted shades like brown, bronze, orange and raspberry sometimes even mixed with black, as are statement eyes like modified cat eyes and surprisingly fun, statement nails. If you love a red lip, take heart, it is still super big along with wine and cinnamon shades.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

2 Popular Jewelery Trends You Don't Want to Miss!

Fashion and clothing trends come and go in the blink of an eye and very often a lot of what you can partake in is dictated by by the shape of your body or how figure flattering you perceive clothes to be. You twist and tweak clothing rules to best suit your look and often are frustrated by trends that never will work for you and your look. 

Accessories are the easiest way to take part in the latest trends of the season, with minimal effort and maximum fun! And topping the charts among easy to incorporate accessories has to be jewelery. Jewelery is something that most of us wear on a daily basis albeit in different forms and in varying quantities. From the ornate diamond jewelery we bust out on special occasions to long beaded necklaces for a touch of casual flair to your favorite ring that you never take off on a daily basis, jewelery forms a big part of our lives. 

The latest trends in jewelery today are great fun, diverse and gave a little something for everyone. Let's take a look at two of the most popular trends and how you can work them to suit your style -
Stacked and stylish – What is better than 1 diamond band, 5 diamond bands! New York to Milan, Paris to Mumbai, stacked jewelry is being seen on the streets the world over. From dainty diamond rings in different metals worn a few at a time to layered necklaces with quirky pendants and varied lengths to an armful of contrasting and complimentary bangles, stacked jewelry is a fun way to create new looks every time to wear your accessories. Change the effect and intensity by opting for different quantities, colours and sizes for a look that never appears boring. Effortlessly chic clothing styles are perfectly complimented by this trend. Wearing just a plain white t shirt and your favorite pair of lived in jeans? Simply accentuate with 3 layered chains or a two bracelets in different colors... it completely elevates the look! 

Big and bold – While delicate necklaces and small twinkling earrings are always in style, now is the time to let your inner diva out. Jewelry today, whether high end or street finds, are getting bigger, bolder and infinitely more eye-catching. Hair in an up does today? Wear a pair of swinging, shoulder grazing earrings. Got a plain blouse? Simply add on a large statement necklace! Now is the time to bring out those eyes catching pieces that make a statement just on their own and don't need much else? Colorful cocktail rings, neon chain link necklaces, ornate chandelier or drop earrings, engagement rings, large hooped diamond earrings, big ethnic looking cuffs and much, much more …. Bright, bold and big jewelry is ruling the roosts and you have a plethora of fashion bloggers, celebs, and trend setters showing you just how to style these statement making accessories! 

Having fun with your jewelry is definitely a big underlying theme and one we can all follow!

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