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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Diamonds in New York

If you are planning to visit New York anytime before Christmas, be sure to take a look around its Diamond District. Located in New York City on West 47th Street linking Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, it is the ideal place for all your special gifts shopping. This is the one of the primary centers of the global diamond industry, making it the ‘it’ place for buying loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. It is believed that over 90 percent of diamonds that enter the country go through the Diamond District to other dealers and retailers all over the country. This translates into loose diamonds being cheapest as compared to any reputable retail jewelry store, and the consumer getting the widest choice. This being said, if you want to buy diamonds in New York there may be a few things to keep in mind before jumping into a cab to get there.

You should be prepared to spend a lot of time in the area. If you just have an hour or two to spare and expect to get a priceless diamond, it won’t happen, unless you have already chosen a trustworthy diamond trader to deal with. Those who do not do their homework, simply have to rely on their luck and patience to find the desired diamond at the right price. The ‘homework’ refers to finding a reputable diamonds trading company that ensures high quality diamonds at an affordable price. If you have no idea or references, simply search for official websites online and shortlist a few. There are many diamonds traders in NYC that even have diamond connoisseurs to educate and advice customers. These are the companies you should consider.

Another bit to do is, know the basics of diamonds and diamond buying. Once you know about the 4 Cs and what makes a diamond beautiful and valuable, the rest is just a numbers game. All you need to do is have a rough budget in mind, decide the cut and other specifications of the diamond you are interested in buying, and then alone start the hunt. Many buyers make the mistake of settling for the first stone that fulfills their requirements. Instead of this, it may be wise to look at a few that you like and then compare them to end up with the best diamond. Be sure to compare prices and not refrain from asking any question that may pass through your mind. For example, ask why a particular diamond is costing more than another with similar grading and certification.

Rest assured that if you do the research beforehand, you will end up with the best diamonds in New York, for a price that is lesser than anywhere else in the country.

Monday 17 December 2012

Why buy diamonds from loose diamonds specialists


The uncertain fiscal environments that have come and gone in the past four decades have made it imperative for people to think twice before making any type of investment. In this scenario, the one item that has stood the test of time in every way has been diamonds. Diamond jewelry items, as investment have been popular for a number of reasons including their beauty and timelessness, but the most important aspect for more and more people investing in these precious jewels is that they have not only never decreased in value but consistently risen in price, maintaining an average appreciation of about 15 to 20 percent per year. This is more than one can say about any other investment sector in the world. But we are talking about rare diamonds here, which are of high quality, and mostly bought through loose diamonds specialists from the world over.

In these times of inflation, buying a diamond or any diamond jewelry is an important purchase. Even if you do not intend to look at your buy as an investment, it is vital to get good value for your hard earned money. This is why most avid diamond buyers and collectors prefer procuring such precious jewels from reputable loose diamonds specialists and traders. You can find these specialist companies and firms by searching for them online or asking around in your social circles. It is crucial to zero in on a well-known and respected dealer as this ensures that the diamonds in question are high in quality and sourced legally from morally ethical mines. Another advantage is that the diamonds carry all the required grading certification from a recognized authority such as GIA.  

Many buyers may feel that it is best to procure the diamond jewelry from a highly regarded retail jewelry store, but this is far from being a fact. The major drawback of purchasing diamond jewelry from a retailer is that you don’t usually have a say in the quality and grades of the diamonds used. Also, you do not have a lot of choice in respect to the shape, cut, color, clarity grade, and carat of the stones. On the other hand, in case of buyers who go to a diamond specialist for their jewels, the choices are limitless. They can specify each and every aspect of the diamond, starting from the 4 Cs to their decided budget, and get exactly what they desire. These buyers can then move on to designing the jewelry they want including deciding the type of diamond settings they wish to have for the jewelry piece.

There are many loose diamonds specialists that not only deal in diamonds, but also offer services to create the diamond jewelry pieces you need.

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