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Friday 29 June 2012

Heart Diamond Rings

Heart diamond rings are the best gift for women. The heart shape has forever been the symbol of love. Nothing says ‘I love you’ louder than a piece of jewelry with a heart shaped diamond. While a diamond ring is ideally an engagement announcement, if you are not at that stage of your relationship, you can choose any other jewelry with a heart shaped diamond. Some of the popular choices include heart shaped diamond pendant necklace and heart shaped diamond solitaire earrings. Another big dilemma for men is deciding on the budget for diamond gifts. You obviously want the diamond to look big, but how can you achieve this without having to shell out a substantial amount of money? Well, there are some tricks you can use to make her feel like a million bucks without actually spending all that much.

While it is a fact that any diamond’s grades in terms of the 4 Cs namely, carat, cut, clarity, and color determine its price, the diamond’s shape, cut and setting are major aspects that have a huge impact on its apparent size. A heart shaped diamond is a comparative fancy shape that looks larger than round brilliant diamonds carrying equal carat weight. These elongated diamonds also have the advantage of making the fingers look longer and elegant when worn with the pointed end towards the direction of the nails.

Setting is a crucial element when it comes to heart shaped rings. An ideal setting for making the diamond look bigger is a pave setting. This particular setting is made up of small diamonds set side by side into tiny holes with their surfaces in level with the setting to make it appear like a continuous surface of diamonds, while little beads of the precious metal chosen to make the ring hold the diamond in place. Intricate pave settings can be a bit expensive, so you might want to hold its price in comparison to buying a larger carat diamond instead. Another option is the illusion setting, wherein the diamond is mounted to a reflective plate before being set into the band. This setting not only makes the diamond look bigger than it is, but also allows it to appear more brilliant.

Many jewelers recommend shallow cut diamonds to make heart diamond rings look larger. This is a tempting offer as diamonds do appear bigger that the same size stones that have a deeper cut. The only downfall is that the diamonds that are shallow cut do not look as brilliant as the more proportional cut ones. This is because the light traveling through a shallow cut diamond does not bounce off the sides of the stone and back into your vision, but instead goes out the back of the diamond.

Friday 22 June 2012

Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

Second to only the round brilliant cut diamond, the princess cut is one of the most popular in diamond cuts. Square in shape this diamond gives a contemporary look to any piece of jewelry. In today’s day and age every jewelry piece needs to be versatile as well as modern. There was a time when women would shop for jewelry that matched a particular outfit or dress. People no longer have the time to change their ornaments each day according to their outfit. Most of us find some stunning and unique items like a princess cut diamond pendant necklace and matching princess cut solitaire earrings, and wear them every day. For any woman’s trinket box, a couple of pendant necklaces and pairs of earrings is a must. And what better pendant than one that has a beautiful diamond, and what better earrings than a pair that compliments that pendant and makes the ensemble a classy jewelry set.

Diamonds make fabulous gifts. Whether it is Christmas, your loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, your daughter’s graduation, an engagement in the family or wedding, diamond jewelry can put an unforgettable cherry on the cake. An exquisite diamond jewelry piece can stand out from all other gifts, no matter how expensive, and be treasured for years to come. One of the chief reasons to buy diamond jewelry as gifts instead of anything else is that it conveys a message that you care. Nobody buys diamond jewelry on an impulse. It is only bought for someone who means a lot to you and has played a special part in your life. Some may argue that buying plain jewelry in precious metals can suffice. Well, it can, but can it give the receiver the same pleasure as seeing a tiny sparkler? Diamonds are the last word in terms of class and sophistication. Plus, a plain gold chain might be kept aside, but a diamond pendant will be donned as soon as possible.

Buying a loose diamond or diamond jewelry like a princess cut diamond pendant can be tricky, especially for someone who does not know much about the stones. Most uncertain men and women visit retail jewelry stores and pick up the item that merely looks best and fits their budget. While this can be one way of doing it, retail jewelry stores can be a bit more expensive as compared to diamond dealers or traders that also offer jewelry. In addition, a majority of these traders have a larger collection of diamonds and designs than you see at an average retail store. There are many diamond traders that even offer hands-on assistance by experts to help you choose the perfect diamond in accordance with your decided budget.

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