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Monday 20 May 2013

Jewel up for the Weekend Perfectly – Some Must-Haves!

It is sensational as to how when done right the smallest pieces of jewelry can transform your look entirely. On the other hand, too much shine and you could end up looking like a disaster. How easy and refined can jewelry be when you take the simple steps of setting your list of the most needed essentials in your wardrobe.  For most of us diamonds are home. Nothing beats the solid glitter of the tiny rocks. However what are the key elements that your jewelry box should hold? From beautiful princess cut diamond earrings to emeralds, here’s a list that will transform your thinking about baubles.

Solitaire Studs:

Any diamond lover knows that to get your rocks right you need to understand the 4 C’s of the diamond language: cut, carat, color and clarity. After this it is on you to splurge as much as you need on a classic pair of solitaire studs. They are the perfect match to your crisp white shirt and dark blue denims for work, or the sun-dress for your late afternoon or that LBD which you sport in the night as you put your hair down and party. The princess cut diamond earrings serve as one of the best solitaire shapes around.

Emeralds and Diamonds:

A match made in jewel heaven, emeralds and diamonds speak of a chemistry which has been since the birth of the stars. They are classic way to perk up the evening in any and every form, be it your marriage or a cocktail party with your international clients. This combination never goes wrong. There are certain colors however that compliments the hues of an emerald diamond neck-piece or bracelet like off whites and largely pastels.

Solid Gold:
A band of gold can be the perfect edge to your finger. Italian gold rings are the most famous and ideal options when it comes to investing in these. It’s all about the design, with swirls and simplicity blending in to form a result of the perfect harmony for every individual taste. Make sure your gold ring speaks about you when you wear it, since jewelry that does not reflect you is just a waste of ethnicity and charm.

Strings of Pearls:

Your grandma’s cupboard will have the treasure of your childhood - that single string of pearly white pearls that was the apple of your eye since you learned to play.  A modern version of this simple classic also involves a classic strap of silver with a tiny diamond lock and it could also have two or three strands of pearls attached in the centre to give it that curvy look of regality.  Pearls are the best compliments to any evening dress and are the preferred elements of class during any social.

Princess cut diamond earrings, charm bracelets of white gold and platinum, long thin gold chains that adorn a cross and a simple fabric ring; these are elements that make jewelry come alive.

Thursday 9 May 2013

On Buying the Perfect Ring for your Perfect Bride

It all comes down to the stone glittering on her finger. It all comes down to the hush when you bend down and ask her to be yours forever. A diamond is the perfect expression of that bond and nothing can subdue it when you have the ring that is just meant for her. But how do you find that perfect piece of stone to express your love? Are they going to be asscher diamonds in the engagement ring or the prized solitaire? What are the best ways you could look into buying one and what are the pointers which you need to consider. Here are some tips how:

There are three recommended brands that certify precious stones, the GI, IGI and HRD. Most of the jewelers have certification from either of the three for their jewelry pieces. Make sure that while selecting your engagement ring, you have a certificate of purity ascertained to the piece of jewelry you are buying. This assures you the worth of the stone along with its quality.

There are the white diamonds and the colorless ones D-F which reflects light the best and the G-H which are nearly colorless. Check out your stone in normal daylight for making out its true color since most jewelry shops tend to have yellow lighting that makes the stone shine brighter than usual.

They range from F (flawless) to VSF (very slightly flawless) and usually cost higher up when they are purer. Only one percent of the world’s diamonds are completely flawless since there are always some impurities when the diamonds were being formed a million years back. See the purity of the stone through the jeweler’s loupe, which will allow you verify the contents in the mentioned stone and make sure that these are not visible to the naked eye. 

1 carat weights 0.2 grams and the price shoots up with what we call “magic points”. Buy your diamond slightly below the magic point that is the trick, say a 0.9 carat and it will be priced much lesser but offer the same quality and purity. 

This forms the most important of the four C’s of diamond shopping. People usually confuse the cut of a diamond as its shape, namely Princess, Cushion, Pear etc. Rather it refers to how the diamond was crafted from its rough state. The cut of the diamond determines how brilliantly will the stone reflect its light, and flaunt its fire and scintillation. Hence, make sure your engagement ring has The one marked as “Excellent” or a “Very Good” grade cut since these are the best options to pick out from.

The asscher diamond engagement rings are like one of the many that form beautiful options when considering the perfect way to propose. They assure quality and clarity and under some of the best names in the jewellery business are fine ways to make a mark.

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