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Tuesday 29 October 2013

3 of the Most Popular Diamond Shapes and Cuts Today

Ah, the splendorous world of diamonds! Through the ages, this premium gem of all gems has captivated mankind. From the functional uses of eons gone by to being one of the most revered forms of adornment, most people dream of having a beautiful piece of diamond jewelery all to themselves. Diamonds today are available in a multitude of shapes and cuts all ready for a wealth of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings and more.

Although, a diamond's shape and cut are terms that are often used interchangeably, usually there is a difference. While the shape of a stone is what one chooses as per preference and personal style, the cut is what enhances the play of light within  a diamond and will dictate how brilliant and shiny the stone is. A well cut diamond will reflect light through its beautifully proportioned facets, angles of the pavilion and more; while a badly cut one will do quite the opposite. It also affects the overall quality, price and value of a stone.

Here we look at a few of the most popular cuts and shapes across the world today -

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond – The most popular shape and cut across the world today has to the a brilliant round diamond. From glistening on stud earrings to bracelets and more, round diamonds are the ones that most people start their diamond journeys with. As the name suggests this circular shape is an all time classic and statistics say that this shape is representative of over 70% of the diamonds sold worldwide. Cut usually with a beautiful 57 or 58 facets, a brilliant round diamond reflects light beautifully and is thus 'brilliant' and have a wonderful shine. In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky did a study and published a work known as the "Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond" that listed out the ideal proportions of a round diamond to maximize its brilliance. Since then this precise formula for cutting has been used by diamond manufacturers to create the brilliant round cut gems we see today.

Princess Cut Diamond – Another classic that is commonly seen on engagement rings and wedding bands is the beautiful princess cut diamond. With a number of gorgeous sparkling facets, this square or sometimes slightly rectangular shaped cut was first created in 1980 and works really well with most kinds of rings. Princess cut diamonds have a four sided pyramid shape and are easier to cut from the diamond rough stone which is usually octahedron in shape, usually making it slightly less expensive that a round diamond of the same carat weight. In comparison to all the other cuts, a princess cut diamond is closest to the brilliant round in terms of the amount of brilliance and fire it possesses. Usually a setting for a princess cut diamond will protect the four corners of the stone, that are the areas most vulnerable to chipping.
Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond – Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are once again surging in popularity thanks to this shapes gorgeous art deco and vintage feel. Asscher cut diamonds were first produced by the Asscher brothers in Holland in 1902 and then again surged in popularity in the 1920s and then in the early 2000s and they are back again with a bang! Although similar to an emerald cut diamond in a number of ways, the Assher cut diamond also possesses a smaller table and bigger step facets giving it more brilliance. This perfectly symmetrical stone has cropped corners and extremely precise measurements and comes with an ideal length to width ratio. The unique shape and look make it one of the most lovely choices for a striking ring. 

Sunday 20 October 2013

Festive Fashion Tips for the Winter Holiday Season.

Around the world, people are getting ready for the months ahead. The last few months of the year are chock a block with festivities and a jam packed holiday season that we all look forward to with bated breath. One part about the fun holiday season however, that many of us get super stressed out about – what to wear! Not only are the festivities and parties a great excuse to dress up and be vibrant but also a fabulous way to end the old year with panache.

Cold winter temps however often play a dampener and it becomes tougher to be more confident about your sartorial choices. Unlike the warmer months where you can throw on a little dressy number and a pair of sky high stilettos, dressing for the winter holiday season and the weird weather conditions often requires a little more thought.

Let's have some fun with winter fashion and make this holiday season, your sparkliest yet! Read on for some easy fashion tips -

Invest in some fabulous outerwear – So you wear your best dress or gown that you have been saving for the right occasion or that gorgeous silk blouse that makes your eyes pop; but then what? Simply putting on an old well worn jacket or coat can bring your entire look down from fab to drab. Since you will have to keep warm during the winter, invest in a couple stand out outer wear pieces that will keeping you looking chic and well put together. A great goat or jacket that is perfectly fitted to you or even a statement jacket like those in gorgeous colors, luxurious fabrics and the like are investments worth making for the colder months.  Make a statement as soon as you walk in and then you can dazzle them further with the awesomeness underneath! If you want a little more added festive glitz and have a neutral jacket, top it off with a great metallic belt or a gemstone pin.
Beautiful New York Jewelry

Add some bling – Whether you prefer to buy diamonds in New York, or embellish an outfit with flea market finds, the holiday season is the perfect time to add a little glitz to your ensemble. Nothing speaks of festivities quite like the twinkle of jewellery or the sheen of a sequin. If your outfit is simple add the glamour with beautiful eye catching jewellery like earrings, necklaces, stacked bracelets and more, or even a scarf with metallic embellishments and a blingy head band. The holidays is also the perfect time to bring out bedazzled clothing like that darling sequinned mini, a cardigan with metallic threads, a lame jacket or shoes with crystals and faux gems. Just make sure you don't pile it on all at once to avoid looking like a Christmas tree!

Try new luxurious feeling fabrics – Winter fashion is all about layering to keep you toasty as well as keep the style quotient up. For the holiday season, dabble in fabrics that look luxurious and opulent and feel fabulous against your skin. Velvet, silk, satin, cashmere, suede and the like not only look very dressy but also feel comfortable and soft. You could even look at accessories like shoes and clutches and even light jackets in more dressy fabrics like brocade and metallic lace to add a 'holiday' feel. Instant and easy chic! Faux fur and real or faux leather are also stylish options.

Take heed of the dress code – If you are going to an event or party, pay attention to what the dress code is. It can be extremely uncomfortable to turn up in denims when everyone is dressed to the hilt or wear a gorgeous formal gown to find people lounging about in flirty cocktail dresses. When in doubt or if you can't confirm with the host / hostess, a little black or navy dress is always a safe option that you can dress up or down with make up and accessories. Usually it is better to err on the side of being overdressed rather than under-dressed.

Have fun with holiday dressing and you will shine no matter what you wear! 

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Time Saving Style Tricks for Women on the Go

We all wake up wishing we could have a leisurely hour or two to have a relaxing shower or soak in the tub, peruse through our closets at ease and take a good while on our dressing tables before we need to head out the door for work. However, reality often is that we need to quickly get dressed, make ourselves presentable and rush out the front door after we finish a little of what needs to be done around the house first!
Diamonds are forever!

While we all may not have the time or resources to go buy diamonds in New York, or the latest fashion offerings from Milan on a regular basis, looking and feeling great is definitely a goal all of us can achieve. If you end up feeling rushed every single time you have to leave the home and always feel a little 'unfinished', here are some time saving tricks to help you out -

Double duty make up  - The world of cosmetics today is a marvelous one. You find a huge variety of products out there that have multiple purposes in one, helping you cut down a considerable amount of time and shave off minutes from your daily routine. If you are an only slip moisturizer on and go kind of a girl then look for a face and body cream with sunscreen in it, this will save you the added time of applying both products with the recommended gap. If you require a little extra coverage you can skip the foundation and add concealer where you truly need it, put your moisturizer and quickly dust off with a compact or face powder that sets it all in. Or another great alternative is to look for a moisturizer with added foundation built it in or the ever popular BB and CC creams nowadays that are beneficial for the skin and provide a decent dose of coverage or base. Need to do a quick touch up while at work or when commuting? Consider purchasing a face tint or cream that can double up as blush as well as color for your lips. Look for the right kind of double agents and you can save a few precious minutes every morning!

Easy fall-back outfits – One thing that is a huge time suck is standing in front of your wardrobe thoroughly confused about what to wear. One of the best systems for busy women on the go is to create a few easy fall back outfits, i.e. outfits you know always work well together and leave you feeling well put together and looking great. On a weekend or day off come up with a few ready outfits right from tops to shoes and bags that always make you feel comfortable and fabulous. Things you would reach for on a day without any hassle. Take pictures and tape on the inside of your closet for easy and quick inspiration and ideas when you don't have the leisure to browse through its contents.

Simple hair styles – A bad hair day can derail even the most chic outfit! When you are in a hurry and your hair just doesn't seem to cooperate it can be a boon to slip your hair into a no fuss yet appropriate hair do. Learn a few simple hairstyles like a sleek ponytail with a barrette, a simple knot or how to quickly just iron or blow dry sections of your hair for maximum effect.

Slip on one stand out accessory – Whether you prefer to buy diamonds from New York or are more of a flea market kind gal, the right accessories can elevate even the most simple outfit. Slip on a great pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace, an eye-catching scarf or a killer pair of shoes and the like to polish up a neutral outfit you have slipped on in a hurry. Keep a few of your stand out accessories accessible near or on your dressing table for easy grabbing.

Ready, get, set, gorgeous!

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