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Monday 23 December 2013

How to select the perfect jewelry according to your body type.

Jewelry is the one thing that can make or break a look. Whether worn with formal dresses, gowns and flowing outfits or with jeans, tees and other more casual outfits, one’s look can be enhanced by simply choosing the right jewelry. More than jewelry that goes with a particular outfit though, it is important to know your body type and accordingly pick out jewelry to accentuate or shift focus away from a particular feature. In order to learn to pick out the perfect jewelry for your outfit, you need to know about your body type. The table below will help you better define your body type, based on height, weight and the shape of your face. Once you’ve established your body type, the various types of jewelry, that will go with your body type is easy to pick out, based on our helpful tips and suggestions!

Body Type Reference:

Tall Over 5’7”
Petite under 5’4”


Facial Structure

Helpful Tips and suggestions on how to pick up jewelry according to your body type:

Now that the above table has given you a frame of reference for your unique body type, here are a few helpful hints as to the perfect type of jewelry you can pick up according to your body type.

Long, dangling earrings, accentuated with stones draw immediate attention to one’s face and can either emphasize a certain feature, or de-emphasize one, depending on the look you’re going for. Perfect for tall, leggy women, these earrings go well with almost any outfit and should be the jewelry of choice, irrespective of the nature of the outfit. If your face is slightly angular and your frame is average (please refer to the table above), you may want to look at button earrings or studs (diamond solitaires much?). Also keep in mind the hairstyle you opt for, considering that long wavy hair would hide most earrings. Geometric patterns and shapes really bring out the beauty in larger, full figured women, while angular faced maidens can use square shaped or button shaped earrings to soften the angles of their face!
Girls and their Diamonds!

Necklaces, especially the thin, delicate kinds with a single pendant or solitaire, can be used to amazing effect to really accentuate the neck on a tall woman, drawing in one’s eye onto that particular feature. A string of pearls, or gemstones are equally stunning on tall women, while something with a lot more detailing on it, like a choker, helps to de-emphasize height. Longer necklaces, with multiple layers, really add dimension and volume to a woman’s neck and can really give a slightly shorter woman the illusion of height. slightly more full figured women should opt for longer necklaces with larger stones, as these attract the eyes downwards and give an impression of slimness.



Bracelets come in all ways, shapes and forms. It is important though to pick the perfect one for you. Wider bracelets are more proportionate on women of an average height anywhere between 5’4”-5’7”. Narrower, more intricate bands or bangles, really make the wrists of the more petite woman sing out. Longer arms should be accentuated with thicker, more layered bracelets that add dimension. Depending on height, either several narrow bands worn together or a couple of wide bands adds balance to a full figure.



Rings are more than statements of eternal love. They can help people make a real style statement. Now wearing a bling ring may seem cool, but you needs to understand that it is important to, select rings according to the size and shape of your finger. Longer fingers can be embellished with almost any ring, from the simple, to the decadent. Slender fingers though need to be concealed and this can be achieved with tremendous effect, with wider bands. Shorter fingers merit more dainty, simpler rings that de-emphasize the length of the finger.


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