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Monday, 8 July 2013

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips for Him

Engagement rings are a tradition that goes back centuries and one that holds super duper importance even today. The would be bride definitely awaits for a beautiful and thoughtful ring from her special man, and it is definitely going to be a piece of jewellery she will flaunt to friends, family and her social media peeps. If you think the pressure is on, it probably is! But there is no reason to get totally stressed out before purchasing a gorgeous ring for your sweetheart.

Once you figure out what your budget is, it is time to start looking for that perfect ring just for her. A ring that symbolises your love, affection and the commitment you are making to each other for a sweet happily ever after.

So let's take a look at a few steps that will make shopping for an engagement ring a little bit easier

Brush up on the basics of diamonds – When in doubt it might be best to go with diamonds! Unless budget prohibits, most women love a gleaming rock on their finger, whatever the size may be. When shopping for diamond rings, it would be a good idea to do a quick study of what it entails and the 4 basic tenets, namely the cut, carat weight, colour and clarity of a diamond. The cut and shape of the stone will basically depend on personal preference; the carat weight of the diamond as well as its size will depend on your budget. You will also find colour and clarity grades that will affect the look and cost of the stone in question.

Consider your shopping options – Now whether you are looking to buy diamonds in New York or New Delhi you don't have to get stressed out about wear to shop. If the thought of going from store to store makes you break out in a cold sweat you can simply turn to the wondrous online world and find a variety of well known diamond and diamond jewellery retailers that will deliver the prized ring right to your door step. If you are going to go to a physical store get some recommendations and limit yourself to a couple so you don't get too flustered. Take a pal for some help or better yet ask your lady love's friend to steer you in the right direction! Make sure you buy certified jewellery to validate its authenticity.

Pay attention to her style – This is the time when you will need to pay a little attention to what your bride to be likes to wear and what her basic style is. A loud glitzy ring for someone who likes timeless and classic styles or a traditional ring for a woman who prides herself on being eclectic and funky just shows that you might not have being paying attention to her preferences!  Does she prefer yellow gold or white metals? Wants a diamond or plain band? Stumped even after trying to study her tastes? If possible ask a close friend or sibling to weigh in on it as well.

Take your time and let your love for her dictate the shopping experience rather than the stress!


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  2. Buying an engagement ring is not an easy thing, most of the people like a diamond ring while they think about the engagement ring. Diamond rings are preferred by men also because it adds some extra charm and beauty in their personality. Before buying a ring for men, we have to make sure about their choice.

  3. Nice read! I like the tips and suggestions mentioned above for ring shopping. Shopping an engagement ring for him is obviously a big deal as it requires a deep knowledge. Before buying a ring you must the ring size and design. Though, choosing a ring for him can be a tough task, but with appropriate knowledge one can easily find the perfect ring. It is always wise to buy the ring with your life partner when you don’t have any idea about his choice. I also bought the engagement with my husband. We purchased the ring together from Bespoke Diamonds. Buying engagement ring with life partner can be much easier as compared to buying it alone.

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