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Friday, 6 September 2013

Latest Diamond Jewelery Styles for a Touch of Whimsy

Diamonds have always been associated with jewelery that is extremely elegant and very chic and 'proper'. And while they are definitely all those things and more, we find more and more designs that are gorgeously whimsical and bohemian. Diamonds aren't just used for adding a subtle twinkle or for making an opulent formal accessory anymore, but also used in some quirky and eye catching designs that are often a mix of historical or ethnic influences and contemporary style indicators.
The latest jewelery seen on red carpets and the streets show that diamonds in New York and other fashion capitals of the world are making a bold and fun comeback in a myriad of unconventional ways. 

A few of the most eye-catching and fun diamond jewelery styles seen now days -

Glittering head pieces – Head pieces are seen in many ancient cultures around the world and some even continue to wear them today. Gorgeous jewelery to wear on your crown or even your hair are becoming a staple in the fashion world as well today. From chains that are placed across the forehead and and behind the ears (a nod to the hippie era) to those that are placed over your head and drape across the top and sides are making a foray again on the style scene. You will find those made with beads, metals and coins but also gorgeous high end head gear made with glimmering diamonds. A perfect boho luxe look! If those are a bit too out of the box for you, you can also place stunning diamond brooches (especially vintage or antique look pieces) in up-dos like a messy bun or chignon.

Draped diamond dazzlers – Diamond necklaces are definitely a gorgeous investment and even the most simplest ones can add a lot to an outfit. But the draped designs seen now days are the veritable show-stoppers! They are ultra long and draped in a variety of super stunning ways. Recently red carpet sightings have shown a lot of glimmering necklaces being worn long and draped on the back, sometimes with a beautiful tassel on the end (perfect for backless dresses). You also find the fashionistas draped long diamond and other gem stone laden chains off to the side over one shoulder (ideal for strapless tops and dresses), which looks very sensual and yet very bohemian. Try different drapes to find one that works best with your outfit and overall style!

Whimsical waistbands – Waistbands are part of many cultures as well; seen very commonly in India, especially in silver. They can be pretty eye-catching too, so definitely not for those who don't want some attention! Waist bands and chains for your tummy or hips, can be taken to more luxurious heights when adorned with precious diamonds. Not only are they fab to incorporate a touch of the exotic ,but to also highlight a nicely shaped waist or make a simple outfit pop. Add over a plain close fitting dress or even with a pair of jeans and a simple tee shirt!

Diamond jewelry is getting great new makeovers is time to experiment!


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